All teams qualified for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit regional league upper divisions

Who will compete on the biggest stage in Dota?

Image by Eran Fowler via Valve

The moment Dota 2 fans have been waiting for since early 2020 has finally arrived. The Dota Pro Circuit is back in full swing, with all six major regions filling out the lineup each of the regional leagues that will begin competition on Jan. 18. 

Four teams from each region received direct invites to the upper division of their individual regional league, with the remaining four slots being decided through a mix of open and closed qualifiers. 

These qualifiers will result in two different divisions, each with eight teams finalized before the DPC regional leagues kickoff. And every region outside of North America is running their qualifiers the same way, with a closed selection of eight teams having already been selected to compete for upper division positions. 

For fans who want to keep up with all of the teams that manage to make it into each region’s upper division and will be battling for a spot in the season one Major in March, here are the results for all six regions. 


Team LiquidDirect Invite
OGDirect Invite
Team SecretDirect Invite
NigmaDirect Invite
Vikin.ggClosed Qualifier
AllianceClosed Qualifier
mudgolemsClosed Qualifier
Chicken FightersClosed Qualifier


Virtus.proDirect Invite
Natus VincereDirect Invite
Team SpiritDirect Invite
Live to WinDirect Invite
Team EmpireClosed Qualifier
NoTechiesClosed Qualifier
EXTREMUMClosed Qualifier
NoPangolierClosed Qualifier


PSG.LGDDirect Invite
EHOMEDirect Invite
Vici GamingDirect Invite
ElephantDirect Invite
Team AsterClosed Qualifier
Team MagMaClosed Qualifier
LBZSClosed Qualifier
Invictus GamingClosed Qualifier

Southeast Asia

TNC PredatorDirect Invite
FnaticDirect Invite
T1Direct Invite
BOOM EsportsDirect Invite
Neon EsportsClosed Qualifier
496 GamingClosed Qualifier
ExecrationClosed Qualifier
Vice EsportsClosed Qualifier

North America

Quincy CrewDirect Invite
Evil GeniusesDirect Invite
4 ZoomersDirect Invite
SadboysDirect Invite
UndyingClosed Qualifier
Black N YellowClosed Qualifier
A-TeamClosed Qualifier
5ManMidasClosed Qualifier

Following the ban of Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, Aristotle still managed to qualify for the upper division and rebranded to A-Team.

South America

SG e-sportsDirect Invite
Thunder PredatorDirect Invite
InfamousDirect Invite
beastcoastDirect Invite
Omega GamingClosed Qualifier
Team UnknownClosed Qualifier
EgoBoysClosed Qualifier
Latam DefendersClosed Qualifier