Dota 2 fan paints scarily realistic portrait of JerAx

Two Aegises and and a painting on the wall.

Photo via Valve

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Dota 2 pro Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka might be running tight on wall space with two Aegis of the Immortals hanging there, but he’ll want to make space for this spectacular oil painting.

The position four support might have retired from the scene, but fans have shown that they can’t forget the player’s wonderful play and good looks. Canihearawahoo painted the two-time TI champion in a good light—literally. The artist even managed to capture JerAx’s otherworldly, messy-yet-perfect hairdo.

JerAx initially made his name in Heroes of Newerth before making the switch to Dota 2. Even before stepping into the competitive circuit, the Finn already had highlight videos of his signature Earth Spirit making the rounds.

The support player became known for his stellar roaming abilities that saw him first recruited into a top team by Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi in 5jungz, before the roster was picked up by Team Liquid.

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Yet, it was with JerAx’s latest and final team, OG, that shot him to the summit of living legends. While he had to watch from the sidelines when he saw his former teammates winning The International 2017, it took a year to see his own roster underperform, blown apart, put together on a whim by recruiting a pub star and an old friend, and put on a performance of a lifetime to lift the Aegis against all odds.

jerax retired
Photo via Valve

Then, they did it again in an even more emphatic fashion, confirming OG roster as the first two-time and repeat TI champions, cementing their spots on the Mount Rushmore of Dota 2 greats.