What is the Terminal Overload rotation in Lightfall in Destiny 2?

Here's your calendar so you know when the SMG is available.

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The Lightfall city of Neomuna in Destiny 2 has a few secrets and some valuable opportunities to improve your rank with Nimbus or grab some rolls of its weapons.

Terminal Overload, the city’s public activity, works as a tremendous source of gear and reputation, with the possibility of getting more rewards if you spend a Terminal Overload Key.

Similarly to Altars of Sorrow, Terminal Overload will award one specific Neomuna weapon each day, with three weapons rotating every 24 hours. While the other Neomuna weapons are available from completing the campaign and as drops from Neomuna-related activities, these three guns only drop from Terminal Overload.

Completing Terminal Overload awards players with two chests. Players can open one of them for free as a reward for fighting off the Vex and the Shadow Legion, and it has a chance of awarding the weapon that’s on tap that day. The second chest requires a Terminal Overload Key, but it gives you more drops—including a higher chance of the daily weapon. Terminal Overload Keys drop randomly from activities in Neomuna, including patrols and public events, but Nimbus offers a daily bounty that guarantees a key.

The Terminal Overload zone will rotate at the daily reset (12pm CT), so players can expect a different stage (and a different reward) each day. The SMG drops from Límíng Harbor, while the shotgun is a reward from Ahimsa Park and the LMG has a chance of being awarded after wrapping up Terminal Overload in Zephyr Concourse. Each week, one of the Vex Incursion Zones will be available, and completing activities in this area also grants you bonus Strand Meditations. Additionally, players can luck into a Vex Strike Force event, which guarantees an Exotic drop at the end of it.

Here’s which weapon you’ll get if you complete Terminal Overload today.

Terminal Overload rotation for Neomuna in Destiny 2 today (Nov. 14 to 21)

Here is the Terminal Overload rotation for this week. The day of the week indicates the daily reset and marks the period between 12pm CT that day and 12pm CT the next day.

Tuesday, Nov. 14Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato Shotgun
Wednesday, Nov. 15Límíng HarborSynchronic Roulette SMG
Thursday, Nov. 16Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic LMG
Friday, Nov. 17Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato Shotgun
Saturday, Nov. 18Límíng HarborSynchronic Roulette SMG
Sunday, Nov. 19Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic LMG
Monday, Nov. 20Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato Shotgun
Vex Incursion ZoneZephyr ConcourseCircular Logic LMG

All Terminal Overload weapons in Destiny 2 and how to get them

These three Neomuna weapons are only available from Terminal Overload, and if you acquire the corresponding upgrade with Nimbus, you’ll guarantee a weapon drop if you spend a Terminal Overload Key.

The Synchronic Roulette SMG brings a Strand element in its precision frame and 600rpm. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for the new Strand-aligned Hatchling perk, which creates a Threadling on precision kills. Kill Clip and Target Lock are also good options if you’re looking for more damage.

Basso Ostinato brings the Void in its barrel, with Destabilizing Rounds allowing players to make enemies Volatile after getting a kill. If you’re not looking for the extra flavor, Trench Barrel continues to be a great choice.

The Circular Logic Strand LMG rounds out the lineup and brings some good perk options to the mix, including Target Lock, Vorpal Weapon, Hatchling, and even Demolitionist if you’re looking to get your grenade back even more quickly. Envious Assassin pairs well with it and can potentially overflow its magazine.

The Terminal Overload weapons have a different drop source than the rest of the Neomuna guns, so they have been unaffected by the myriad of changes to their drop rates and drop sources. Neomuna weapons are still horrifyingly elusive, especially if you’re farming for red borders. The Terminal Overload weapons aren’t craftable, and though this means you can’t guarantee a god roll, we would rather farm them over any of the Neomuna weapons (which are basically overshadowed by other guns anyway).

What is the Vex Strike Force in Destiny 2?

In addition to speeding up Neomuna progress, players can also luck into a public event called a Vex Strike Force. This event doesn’t really have a set schedule, but players who see it appear in the Vex Incursion Zone should rush to it. This hard event requires you to take down sturdy Minotaurs and hordes of Vex using Vex Craniums. If you and your team succeed, though, you’re guaranteed to find an Exotic. This means the risk is worth the time it takes to get to the zone (and the hectic frame rate drops that come with it).

Vex Strike Force doesn’t really have a set timer, though some Discord bots could give you a notification when one is about to happen.

We use the one on the Vex Network Discord server, as suggested by Reddit user Lanthire_942 in their in-depth breakdown of the event.


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