How to get Radiant Dance Machines in Destiny 2

"Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.”

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s 15th season of content, Season of the Lost, has added a trio of new exotics for players to acquire in the final narrative act before the next major expansion, The Witch Queen. These new exotics come in the form of two pieces of arm armor in Nothing Manacles and No Backup Plans and a piece of leg armor called Radiant Dance Machines.

Unfortunately, Radiant Dance Machines does not unlock the ability for your Hunter Guardian to bust out some sweet dance moves. But it does permit you to become an elusive dodging machine.

How to get Radiant Dance Machines

Like the previously mentioned exotics, acquiring Radiant Dance Machines will require you to complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector on the specific day that RDM is available as a reward. The Legend and Masters Lost Sector change daily, rotating between various Lost Sectors each day at around 12pm CT. Most of the Lost Sectors have been on The Dreaming City, but they can be on other destinations as well.

When you spot either the Legend or Masters Lost Sector, hover over it to see what kind of exotic it awards. It won’t say specifically which one is rewarded, but if it’s Exotic Legs Armor (Rare), then that will be your best bet.

These Lost Sectors are no joke. They have multiple Champion types, a lot more shielded enemies, and, worst of all, it locks your gear upon entry, preventing you from swapping out weapons and armor when needed. The Legend Lost Sectors are a tad bit easier, with a 1,320 recommended power level compared to the Master Lost Sector recommended level of 1,350, but neither are anything to take lightly.

What does Radiant Dance Machines do?

Radiant Dance Machines is an exotic piece of leg armor with a perk called The Dance that enables additional dodges for a short period when you’re close to the enemies. This is an ideal exotic for players who like to get up close and personal with enemies, giving Hunters the ability to get away from large AoE attacks or to multi-dodge away from powerful enemies.

Players with a high Mobility score will be able to use this ability more often, giving them more opportunities to play dangerously while having a reliable escape measure in their back pocket. Hunters using the Void or Solar subclass with projectile melee abilities can combine this perk with Gambler’s Dodge to instantly recharge their melee ability after a successful multi-dodge.