MSL’s CS:GO team down a player after Fessor leaves

"I’ve decided to leave project South because I didn’t feel it was the right place for me."

Image via Valve

Frederik “⁠Fessor⁠” Sørensen has left South, a non-sponsored CS:GO team headlined by Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen and Philip “⁠aizy⁠” Aistrup, less than one month after the project was put together, he announced today.

He isn’t tied to any organization, so he can sign a contract if an opportunity arises. “I’ve decided to leave project South because I didn’t feel it was the right place for me,” Fessor said, adding he’s hungry to learn and ready to compete again.

The news comes after South played several matches across tournaments and one day after they were reverse swept by Team Spirit Academy—a much less experienced team—in the Malta Vibes Knockout Series Two stage one round of 32.

South have failed to make an initial splash into the scene. They didn’t get past the closed qualifier of FunSpark ULTI Europe Regional Series Three and the open qualifier for IEM Fall Europe. With the departure of Fessor, the all-Danish project loses its only up-and-coming talent and a tough player to replace since the 20-year-old averaged a 1.09 rating in 14 maps with the team, according to HLTV.

CS:GO fans will have to wait and see if MSL and crew can find a new player committed to going on this journey with them or if the team will disband in the coming weeks, should the bad string of results continue.

Update Sept. 14 12:05pm CT: The remaining players on South announced they have decided to part ways hours after Fessor left the team.