Karrigan tops scoreboard, leads FaZe to second victory at PGL Stockholm Major

The Dane put up amazing numbers once again during his match against ENCE.

Photo via StarLadder

FaZe Clan won their second game at the CS:GO Major in Sweden today.

This time, the European squad went up against ENCE, who were coming hot off a win over GODSENT in their first match. But their winning streak was ended, mostly thanks to karrigan’s amazing performance.

The Dane once again topped the scoreboard and was FaZe’s best player for the second time so far at the PGL Stockholm Major. Earlier in the day, karrigan led his men to a win over Team Spirit on Overpass, where he finished with a 22-20 K/D ratio.

FaZe clashed with ENCE on Dust II, a map that’s liked by both European teams. After the first half, it seemed like the representatives of the Finnish organization were slightly better, leading 8-7. But they fell short after they switched to the attacking side, mostly due to karrigan’s impressive defense. FaZe won the map 16-12.

The 31-year-old is the oldest player competing at the PGL Stockholm Major. Still, he proved that age is just a number. On Dust II, he topped the overall leaderboard with a 28-18 scoreline. Twistzz, the FaZe player closest to karrigan in terms of kills, ended up going 19-12.

This victory over ENCE means that FaZe are now 2-0 at the tournament. Thus, the European squad should be favored to make it to the next stage of the PGL Stockholm Major. They’ll return to action tomorrow, but as of now, it’s unclear who their opponent will be on Oct. 27. FaZe could face Copenhagen Flames, another team who are 2-0 so far.

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