How to change your name in CS:GO

If you want a fresh start, this is the way.

Image via Valve

If you ever get bored of your gamertag or just want a fresh start in CS:GO, changing your name is an easy process.

Although you can change your nickname in and out of the game, both rely on you having to tweak your nickname in Steam.

To change your name in CS:GO, start by opening Steam.

Screengrab via Steam

Once you’re in Steam, navigate to “Friends,” the third menu option in the upper left row.

Screengrab via Steam

From the menu’s dropdown options, choose “Edit Profile Name / Avatar” and a new window will open.

Screengrab via Steam

Under “Profile Name,” type in your new desired nickname and enjoy your new CS:GO identitiy.

If, however, you want to make a swift name change while in-game, press Shift + Tab to open up the Steam overlay and follow the same process.