Game-breaking CS2 bug allows players to reload faster

Suddenly, it feels like CS: 1.6.

M4a1-s on CS2 anubis at mid looking at canals
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Players have found a bug that lets them reload their weapons faster in CS2. The bug is easy to reproduce as all players need to do is swap the gun twice while reloading.

It’s unclear how long this bug has been around in CS2, but it was shared on Reddit on Nov. 20. The video shows a player reloading an AUG in nearly 3.9 seconds without using the bug. The reload time decreases to 3.1 when the player uses the double-swapping trick, though.

While it’s unclear whether this bug works for any weapon in CS2, one player said they tested this with the Famas and M4A1-S and it also worked. The Famas reloaded in 2.8 seconds with the double-swapping bug while the normal reload lasted 3.4 seconds, according to the player. The M4A1-S, on the other hand, reloaded in 2.7 seconds with the trick, which was faster than the normal reload time of 3.1 seconds.

Somehow, some players on Reddit thought this has always been the case as it’s a normal habit in Counter-Strike to swap weapons while it’s reloading. This hails back to CS: 1.6 when it was possible to get a faster reload when the reload animation was skipped. The trick didn’t work in CS:GO, though.

To use the reload bug, all you need to do is press “3”, “1”, “3”, and “1” after you start reloading the weapon. “3” is the default keybind for the knife and “1” is the default keybind for the primary weapon. Although the benefit looks minimal at first glance, it can be the difference between killing an enemy or dying to someone who decided to rush you after hearing the reload sound cue.

The player who shared the bug on Reddit said they emailed Valve, so the developers may fix this soon. Valve has updated CS2 several times this month to fix issues the community had been complaining about.

Dot Esports has reached out to Valve for comment.


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