Evil Geniuses reportedly looking to bring in Stewie2K, autimatic for 2022 CS:GO roster

You can't keep NA CS down forever.

Photo via Jamie Villanueva

Evil Geniuses is seemingly aiming to be an active participant in the upcoming NA CS:GO roster shuffle. The org is currently in talks with both Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and Timothy “autimatic” Ta, according to a recent report from 1pv’s neLendirekt.

If Stewie2K and autimatic were to join EG, they would team up with the only active players on the roster in Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte and Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov. The organization parted ways with stanislaw, oBo, and MICHU in November, and is expected to move on from coach daps soon as well. The report from neLendirekt says former G2 Esports coach Damian “maLeK” Marcel is being put in charge of building EG’s CS:GO roster, but that move has not been made official yet.

This potential acquisition would reunite the former Cloud9 teammates and ELEAGUE Boston Major winners for the first time in over three years. Just months after their crowning achievement, Stewie2K departed C9 for SK Gaming/MIBR, eventually finding his way to a lengthy tenure with Team Liquid. Autimatic stayed on with C9 until the end of 2019, when he and others were transferred to Gen.G. Just a couple months later, he left CS:GO and transferred to the T1 VALORANT roster.

All three parties in Stewie2K, autimatic, and EG are looking to improve in 2022 after a lackluster 2021. Stewie and Liquid struggled throughout most of the year, and the plan for both him and FalleN to leave had been the worst kept secret in CS:GO for the past few months, before the Liquid players acknowledged the upcoming departures over the past couple events. Both the EG CS:GO roster and the T1 VALORANT roster fell far short of expectations, with autimatic considering a return to CS:GO.

No deals have been signed as of yet, but the potential move could spark a renewed rivalry between EG and Liquid in 2022.

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