Autimatic reportedly to leave T1 VALORANT’s roster, may return to CS:GO

The ELEAGUE Major: Boston winner could be coming back to Valve's shooter.

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Autimatic will reportedly not be a part of the upcoming practice sessions for T1’s VALORANT roster, according to a report from Upcomer. The pro is also weighing his options and possibly looking to return to CS:GO, the report says.

Autimatic switched to VALORANT in February and has been a part of T1 since. According to the report, however, he’s contemplating returning to CS:GO, where he won a few A-tier tournaments in the past. He was a part of Cloud9’s roster, who triumphed at ELEAGUE Major: Boston in 2018.

If he were to do so, he wouldn’t be the first former Counter-Strike pro to return to Valve’s shooter. Floppy already made a comeback by joining Extra Salt, and nitr0 could be a few days away from returning to Team Liquid’s CS:GO roster, according to a report by

The team is also aiming to bring in steel, whose addition as of now seems certain, according to Upcomer’s report. The British-Canadian player likely wouldn’t be stepping in for autimatic, but may take over curry’s role as in-game leader, a report from Nov. 14 says.

This may not be the only change in the team’s ranks. Spyder has remained on the bench since the end of June, and may not be a part of the organization’s future plans, according to the report.

T1 still has some time to think and decide about the future of its roster. The team won’t compete in any major tournaments in the upcoming days. The squad will take part in VCT 2022, which is set to begin early next year.

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