BLAST Premier Fall Final: Scores, schedule, bracket

The winner will qualify for the World Final in December.

Image via BLAST

The BLAST Premier Fall Final was the first S-tier CS:GO tournament after the conclusion of the PGL Major Stockholm—the first Valve-sponsored tournament in over two years.

Eight of the best CS:GO teams in the world played at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark, for their share of the $425,000 prize pool and a spot in the $1 million BLAST Premier World Final in December. The tournament ran from Nov. 24 to 28 with a double-elimination format, and competitors played in front of a live audience over the weekend.

Natus Vincere headed into the event as huge favorites after winning the Major, cementing their status as the most in-form team over the past few months. Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas debuted new players, so they’re more of a dark horse than anything. The tournament roster is completed by Heroic, FaZe Clan, and BIG, who haven’t made player changes so far, and Team Liquid and Vitality, who are on the brink of making deep roster moves.

Here are the BLAST Premier Fall Final’s scores, standings, and bracket.

Competition bracket

Screengrab via Liquipedia


Wednesday, Nov. 24

  • 5am CT: Vitality 2-0 Liquid (Vitality 16-10 Mirage, Vitality 16-7 Dust II)
  • 8am CT: Heroic 2-0 FaZe (Heroic 16-14 Mirage, Heroic 16-13 Nuke)
  • 11am CT: Na`Vi 2-0 BIG (Na`Vi 16-4 on Dust II, Na`Vi 16-11 Nuke)
  • 2pm CT: Astralis 2-0 NiP (Astralis 16-7 Nuke, Astralis 19-16 on Overpass)

Thursday, Nov. 25

  • 8am CT: Na`Vi 2-1 Heroic (Na`Vi 16-11 Inferno, Heroic 16-14 Mirage, Na`Vi 16-12 on Overpass)
  • 11am CT: Vitality 2-1 Astralis (Vitality 22-18 Nuke, Astralis 16-14 Dust II, Vitality 16-11 on Inferno)

Friday, Nov. 26

  • 6:30am CT: FaZe 2-0 BIG (FaZe 16-11 Dust II, FaZe 16-9 Inferno)
  • 9:30am CT: Liquid 2-1 (NiP 16-13 Inferno, Liquid 16-14 on Mirage, Liquid 16-11 on Overpass)
  • 12:30pm CT: Astralis 2-1 FaZe (Astralis 16-10 Mirage, FaZe 16-5 Nuke, Astralis 16-9 Dust II)

Saturday, Nov. 27

  • 6:30am CT: Heroic 2-1 Liquid (Liquid 16-12 Overpass, Heroic 16-13 Nuke, Heroic 16-12 Inferno)
  • 9:30am CT: Na`Vi 2-0 Vitality (Na`Vi 16-7 Inferno, Na`Vi 16-6 Nuke)
  • 12:30pm CT: Astralis 2-0 Heroic (Astralis 19-15 Mirage, Astralis 16-4 Nuke)

Sunday, Nov. 28

  • 8:30am CT: Vitality 2-1 Astralis (Astralis 16-12 Nuke, Vitality 16-11 Inferno, Vitality 16-7 Mirage)
  • 12:30pm CT: Na`Vi 2-1 Vitality (Na`Vi 16-12 Mirage, Vitality 16-6 Nuke, Na`Vi 16-7 Inferno)