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Anime Switch codes (May 2024)

Redeem the latest Anime Switch codes and claim a ton of free Diamonds!

Updated May 16, 2024: We checked for more codes!

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Anime Switch‘s retro style made it stand out in the sea of dungeon crawlers inspired by popular anime shows. With so many characters to collect and worlds to explore, I quickly found myself addicted. The downside is that I kept running out of Diamonds. 

To summon epic Units, you’ll need a constant stream of this precious in-game resource. The easiest way to acquire more is by redeeming Anime Switch codes. They provide generous amounts of the main currency, and the whole game feels more satisfying with their help. If you enjoyed this title, you can claim even more freebies by visiting our article about Anime Champions Simulator codes as well.

All Anime Switch codes list

Anime Switch codes (Working)

  • 35KLIKES—Redeem for Diamonds (New)
  • 5MVISTS—Redeem for Trait Tokens (New)
  • 5MVISITS2—Redeem for Diamonds (New)
  • 4MVISITS—Redeem for Diamonds
  • 30KLIKES—Redeem for Diamonds
  • DAMAGETASKBUFF—Redeem for Diamonds
  • VEGI – Redeem for Diamonds
  • CURIO – Redeem for Trait Tokens
  • 25KLIKES—Redeem for Diamonds
  • BUGFIXES1—Redeem for Trait Tokens
  • 20KLIKES—Redeem for 700 Diamonds
  • 1MILVISITS—Redeem for 250 Diamonds
  • ANIMESWITCHER2—Redeem for Trait Tokens
  • AS3—Redeem for 700 Diamonds 
  • 15KLIKES—Redeem for 650 Diamonds
  • 10KLIKES—Redeem for 750 Diamonds
  • RELEASE3—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
  • RELEASE2—Redeem for 250 Diamonds
  • RELEASE—Redeem for 250 Diamonds
  • SORRY4DELAY—Redeem for 500 Diamonds
  • WeekendHill—Redeem for 300 Diamonds

Anime Switch codes (Expired)


How to redeem codes in Anime Switch

To redeem codes for Anime Switch, follow the instructions below:

How to redeem Anime Switch codes
Click these buttons to redeem your codes | Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Launch Anime Switch in Roblox.
  2. Press the Menu button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Codes button in the Menu.
  4. Enter a code into the Submit code here text box.
  5. Click Claim to pick up your rewards.

How to get more Anime Switch codes

If you want to save time, bookmark this article and visit occasionally to get the latest rewards. We’re always on the lookout for the latest Anime Switch codes and compile them on one list as soon as they’re out. However, if you enjoy hunting for codes on your own, check out the following official accounts:

Why are my Anime Switch codes not working?

If you tried to redeem an Anime Switch code and the game didn’t react, the possible cause may be a typo. Double-check if you’ve entered everything correctly, including proper capitalization. In case the issue persists, your code is likely no longer valid. Let us know, and we’ll investigate the matter and update the list if necessary.

Other ways to get free rewards in Anime Switch

If you’ve redeemed all Anime Switch codes and still need more Diamonds, you can get them by picking up the Daily Rewards. The longer you play, the better your prizes will get. Another fun way of progressing is by solving the Tasks. And, if you want a chance of getting more freebies, join the Discord server to participate in giveaways and stay tuned for upcoming special events.

What is Anime Switch?

Anime Switch is a Roblox dungeon crawler inspired by several popular franchises, such as Dragon BallNaruto, and One Piece. Summon the best Units, improve their traits, evolve them, and take your squad on an adventure across diverse islands full of enemies. Complete tasks to earn Diamonds and get unique characters. Do you have what it takes to unlock all the worlds? 

For more freebies in a similar game, take a look at our list of Anime Roulette codes. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our dedicated Roblox Codes section and grab more cool free rewards in other popular games.

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