Warzone players call for Activision action over ping glitch making game ‘unplayable’

The CoD battle royale is having more than one issue.

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Image via Activision

Warzone players have come across a huge glitch and they’re sounding off on social media.

A recent ping glitch has some players calling Warzone “unplayable.” Pinging is an important communication tool for players that don’t have a mic or are unable or unwilling to speak during a match. Warzone players can ping locations, enemies, and items to alert others on their team.

But a new bug has made pinging a bit problematic. In a Reddit thread, one Warzone player noted that pinging causes frame skips and ping spikes. Since pinging enemies is so important to gameplay communication, it’s not ideal to have the game skipping and lagging every time players attempt to do this.

On the Reddit thread, other Warzone players chimed in with similarly troubling experiences after updating the game. It also seemed to affect both PC and console players.

One player added: “Oh wow! I ping all the time since I don’t typically use a headset. This makes so much sense now, why my shit is laggy as fuck.”

Another shared a similar experience: “So when I first read this, I was like surely not, then dropped into a game and noticed lag and thought to test this theory out. You are 100% correct. Even if my team mates ping anything or if an icon is across the screen there is drastic lag on the PS4.”

The player, ColdcatZA, said that their team attempted to “avoid” pinging but found it impossible since it’s such an ingrained habit for them.

Although many players are currently complaining about the issue, it has yet to be addressed by developers. The glitch is still recent and it may take a while for it to be fixed.