Pokelawls shows off the best “weapon” in Call of Duty: Warzone: an SUV

Vehicles might be OP.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has dozens of weapons ranging from pistols to RPGs. The best weapons are often expensive or hard to find and require a bit of work to acquire. But Pokelawls proved that a car might be the deadliest and most convenient weapon in the game.

Poke recently dropped at Atlas Superstore, which is a popular point of interest that’s always swarming with players. He landed outside of the building where there’s very little loot but usually a vehicle. Instead of running into the building, he hopped into an SUV and drove it into the store. He managed to navigate the narrow entrance and aisles to take out two enemies with the vehicle. He continued to impressively drive the car through the building and eventually heard another team fighting outside.

Poke backed the car outside before driving through the building again to hit an unsuspecting player. Poke continued his killstreak with one final player who couldn’t outrun his car and successfully wiped an entire team without a gun. Surprised by the successful outcome, Poke ended his rampage with a deep laugh.

Other players have also discovered the potential of vehicles in Warzone. Lirik recently pulled off an impressive squad wipe with a vehicle as well. Both players have proven that vehicles can be effective indoors and outdoors.

Pokelawls has pulled off other impressive feats in the past. He recently one-tapped Summit1g in Escape From Tarkov and reversed a Twitch ban in five hours.

Poke managed to get four kills without using a weapon, so imagine what kind of damage he could do with an actual gun.