Pokelawls unbanned on Twitch after just a few hours

That was quick.

Image via Twitch

Variety streamer Pokelawls was hit with a Twitch ban earlier in the day, and although it was supposed to be for three days, Pokelawls’ channel is already back.

To be exact, Pokelawls was unbanned after less than five hours. The ban, which was levied after Pokelawls showed a man’s “bare ass” on stream, allegedly prohibited Poke from Twitch Bounties, a way for content creators to accept paid sponsorship opportunities directly from the Twitch dashboard.

But it appears something changed in the few hours since his ban, resulting in his freedom. It’s possible that Twitch staff reviewed the offense, which fans have said is a small clip during his stream that showed a man’s butt, and decided the ban wasn’t necessary.

Either way, it must be a relief for Poke, as he can begin to stream again and gain access to Twitch Bounties.