Is Modern Warfare 3 really getting a UWU 74U weapon blueprint?

You may not be feeling 'UwU' after finding out the answer to this question.

Image of a soldier standing in front of a burning plane crash wielding a weapon. Smoke plumes are being shot up into the air with a cascade of orange on show.
Screenshot via Call of Duty on YouTube

TikTok can be a place where you can easily discover the strangest of gaming news and sometimes that news turns out to be correct. A rumored “UwU 74U” weapon blueprint for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been making the rounds across the community, however, thanks to a video that recently went up.

Of course, this is now leaving some players wondering if it will actually be a thing.

Is the UWU 74U a real weapon blueprint for Modern Warfare 3?

You may not be too surprised to find out that the UWU 74U is not in any way, shape, or form a real weapon blueprint for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The game was also only just revealed recently in the first place.

On Aug. 11 the video first went up on TikTok and was published by Boston Breach, a well-known Call of Duty League team. Claims were made in the video that the weapon would make audible noises whenever players place in a new round — which is easily suspicious enough. Some anime art also is on the sides of the weapon (colored in a bubblegum pink style) but the real giveaway was the fact the video was shot in real life at what appears as an Airsoft match.

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After some digging, the weapon section of the video isn’t actually owned by Boston Breach but instead, it came from a video posted on 4. Aug by Silo Entertainment. The video in question has gained just under a million views.

Boston Breach tends to have a variety of memes that go up on their TikTok channel on a fairly frequent basis. Even going so far as having a playlist labeled as “Memes” sitting on their front page for everyone to see. I can assure you that this video is simply another one of those memes which have gotten significant attention, gaining over 30,000 likes in less than a day.

Who was behind the UWU 74U meme for Modern Warfare 3?

The weapon video is by Silo Entertainment as aforementioned but the commentator for the Boston Breach video goes by “tdawgsmitty” and can be found under that alias across various social platforms. The meme is all in good jest and shouldn’t be taken as anything serious — plus who doesn’t love a few Call of Duty jokes from time to time?

Another great example of a meme that Boston Breach posted originally from the user ‘maldofc’ was on 2. Jan earlier this year about the many struggles to revive teammates.

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Nevertheless, having a reference to where the original video came from in the Boston Breach UWU 74U video would have been nice to have. At least you now know that the rumored weapon blueprint for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will not exist.


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