CoD developer Infinity Ward reportedly forced to evacuate due to bomb threat

Staff were reportedly able to evacuate safely.

Image via Activision

Employees at Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward’s Los Angeles studio were evacuated earlier today after a bomb threat, according to Kotaku.

Police reportedly arrived at the studio Thursday morning and told employees to leave, with the staff promptly evacuating. The threat comes on a day when numerous others have been made across the United States against business, hospitals, schools, and other public places.

Infinity Ward are responsible for developing several Call of Duty titles, including the Modern Warfare trilogy.

Activision did not immediately respond to a request for comment, according to Kotaku.

Update Dec. 13 6:24pm CT: Gavin Pugh, lead engineer at Infinity Ward, confirmed the evacuation via Twitter, saying “I think we were only evacuated for an hour or so. But was weird for sure to have a cop burst into a tech meeting.”