How to watch JoeWo’s Battle for the Crown 2 Call of Duty: Warzone tournament

$50,000 is on the line.

Image via Activision

A $50,000 prize pool will be on the line when Call of Duty: Warzone pro player and streamer JoeWo’s Battle for the Crown 2 tournament kicks off this week.

The NRG content creator is hosting his second Warzone tournament, and it will take place over several weeks of different variants of battle royale gameplay featuring “32 of the best Warzone pros,” according to Joe.

Battle for the Crown 2 has a different format from the original event that took place last year. Each week, there will be a different spin on battle royale, forcing players to change up their playstyles and have some fun.

In week one, loadouts are a no-go and players can only use ground loot. In week two, inputs will be swapped, meaning controller players will need to use mouse and keyboard, and vice versa. In week three, it’s a classic elimination race.

Here’s how to tune in for the tournament this May.

How to watch JoeWo’s Battle for the Crown 2 Warzone tournament

The first week of games begins on May 10 at 3pm CT, and the show can be found on a special Twitch channel made just for the event called JoeWoBattleForTheCrown. The first week will limit the competitors to ground loot only.

The subsequent weeks of the tournament will begin at the same time on the same channel. Those events, including forcing players to use opposite inputs and a standard elimination race, will take place on May 17 and 24, respectively.