How to watch CWL Champs 2019

The biggest event of the year is almost upon us.

Photo via MLG

The final event of the 2019 Call of Duty World League season is nearly here and $2 million will be on the line for the 32 teams in attendance.

At the 2019 CWL Championship, teams will be competing for the largest prize pool of the year and the glory of becoming world champions. This is the eighth annual edition of the world title tournament, but with franchising looming, it may be the most important yet.

In addition to the 16 CWL Pro League teams, the top 16 teams from last month’s CWL Amateur Finals have a shot at becoming the biggest underdog winners in the event’s history.

Here’s everything you need to know about CWL Champs 2019.


Fans can watch CWL Champs on the official Call of Duty Twitch channels as well as MLG’s website and the in-game World League Hub in Black Ops 4.


Champs has a distinctly different format from the events that precede it. Unlike the open events where there’s a CWL Pro League pool play tournament and a separate amateur open bracket, Champs has every team start their journey in pool play.

There will be eight groups of four teams. After single round-robin play, the top two teams from each group will advance to a double-elimination bracket, while the bottom two squads will be eliminated from the tournament before the weekend even begins.


Here are the pool play groups for CWL Champs 2019.

Pool A

  • eUnited: James “Clayster” Eubanks, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, and Chris “Simp” Lehr
  • Elevate: Christopher “ProFeeZy” Astudillo, Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz, Wailers Locart, Andres Lacefield, and Austin “Believe” Smith
  • The Bhoys: Ben Bance, Sean “Seany” O’Connor, Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney, Byron “Nastie” Plumridge, and Sam “Chain” Dineley
  • RBL Esports: Seth “Glory” Donskey, Jesus “HumanJesus” Hernandez, Brett “KlinK” Kovach, Brendan “2ReaL” Stockdale, and Sebastian “Gunsiii” Martinez

Pool B

  • Gen.G: Chance “Maux” Moncivaez, Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak, Colt “Havok” McLendon, Dylan “Envoy” Hannon, and Jared “Nagafen” Harrell
  • Enigma6: Jordon General, Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley, Adam “GodRx” Brown, Mehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa, and Paul “Breszy” Breszynski
  • Team WaR: Joshua-Lee “Joshh” Sheppard, David “Dqvee” Davies, Stephen “Vortex” Allen, Adam “Defrag” Mathews, and Adam “Peatie” Peate
  • Fuego Gaming: Dylan “MadCat” Daly, Billy “Hawqeh” Harris, Callum “Chaaxter” Glamville, Conor “BBConor” Beale, and Harry Payne

Pool C

  • FaZe Clan: Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto, McArthur “Cellium” Jovel, Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall, Trei “Zer0” Morris, and Obaid Asim
  • Units: Joseph “Joee” Pinnington, Rhys “Rated” Price, Nick Nolson, Connor “Weeman” Chilton, and Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan
  • Mazer Gaming: Michael “SpaceLy” Schmale, Saul “Parzelion” Masse-Siguenza, Eric “JetLi” Phan, Tanner “Mosh” Clark, and Michael “Apox” Williams
  • Animosity Esports: Sebastian “Cookie” Schubert, Maik “Phantom” Schmitz, Piero Fazio, Tom “Sharko” Serdarusic, and Enrique “Pazy” Lange

Pool D

  • Team Reciprocity: Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall, Zach “Zed” Denyer, Dylan Henderson, Denholm “Denz” Taylor, and Alex “Alexx” Carpenter
  • Team Envy: Patrick “ACHES” Price, Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer, Jacob “Decemate” Cato, Peirce “Gunless” Hillman, and Adam “Assault” Garcia
  • Sage Esports: Thomas “GRVTY” Malin, Dylan “Cells” Mock, Reece “Vivid” Drost, Dillon “Wrecks” Slotter, and Darien “Hollow” Chverchko
  • LGND Status: Phil “Phenom” Contini, Carlos “Foncho” Maradiaga, Ethan “EFatal” Davis, Devon “Pure” Mills, and Tyler “Ryza” Smith

Pool E

  • Luminosity: Josiah “Slacked” Berry, Johnathan “John” Perez, Matthew “FormaL” Piper, Cesar “Skyz” Bueno, and Carson “Brack” Newberry
  • UYU: Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo, Renato “Saints” Forza, Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic, and Timothy “Phantomz” Landis
  • Team Singularity: Kian “Keza” Bonsor, Luke “Bidz” Biddle, Jed “Detain” Mulcahy, Jamie “Insight” Craven, and Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson
  • Vanity: Joseph “Owakening” Conley, Landon “Landxnn” Hensarling, Dylan “Deelo” Lowry, Vincent “Reaper” LiCausi, and Phillip “Willett” Willet

Pool F

  • 100 Thieves: Kenny Williams, Preston “Priestahh” Greiner, Sam “Octane” Larew, Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat, and Ian “Enable” Wyatt
  • Midnight Esports: Devin “LlamaGod” Tran, Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom, Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull, and Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla
  • Sicario Gaming: Thomas “Tommey” Trewren, Martin Chino, Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado, Kaden “Exceed” Stockdale, and Byron Linney
  • FURY Gaming: Ted “TeddyRecKs” Kim, Vlad “Ramby” Sanchez, Anthony “DraMa” Padilla, Hamza “GloFrosty” Shaikh, and Devin “Demise” Faircloth

Pool G

  • OpTic Gaming: Seth “Scump” Abner, Ian “Crimsix” Porter, Damon “Karma” Barlow, Tommy “TJHaLy” Haly, and Brandon “Dashy” Otell
  • Evil Geniuses: John “Xotic” Bruno, Dillon “Attach” Price, Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov, Jordan “JKap” Kaplan, and Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi
  • Carnage Gaming: Joesph “Destiny” DeLillo, Chase “Charullz” Brown, Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas, Michael “Vicious” Santos, and Edy “Newbz” Juan
  • TrainHard: Josh “Creza” Burman, Nathan “Natshay” Dupuis, Lucas “rizK” Derambure, Iván “YaKo” Rodriguez, and Ryan “ZeeK” Lapierre

Pool H

  • Splyce: Jordan “Jurd” Crowley, Donovan “Temp” Laroda, Ulysses “Aqua” Silva, Daniel “Loony” Loza, and Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Heretics: Alejandro “Lucky” López, Juan “JurNii” Antonio González, Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells, Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano, and Ronaldo “Wartex” Lavado
  • Aspire Esports: Ethan “FA5TBALLA” Wedgeworth, Robert “RobbieB3319” Brugnoli, Joseph “TurnUp2eZ” Sicre, Paul “Tisch” Tischler, and Tanner “Super” Bowen
  • Hybrid Gaming: Tristan “Spoof” Green, Michael “Beehzy” Said, Casey “Pandur” Romano, Steven “Stamino” Damiano, and Jaylen “Jintroid” Maye


CWL Champs 2019 will begin at 12pm CT on Wednesday, Aug. 14 in Los Angeles. The second day of the tournament will also start at 12pm CT.

This article will be updated as more information about the event’s schedule is released.