How to get better at Warzone: Tips, tricks, and guides to conquer the CoD battle royale

I can hear the wins already.

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Call of Duty Warzone is a dangerous place for inexperienced gamers; with players calculating bullet drops, carrying the deadliest weapons, and grinding daily, there’s not much room at the top for a beginner.

There’s a wide variety of components that go into a player’s Warzone skill. As an esport, it’s thrilling to watch, but always has the potential for the best players to lose it all from a shot from miles away.

From knowing bullet spread to bullet drop, there are countless things to wrap your head around. For first-timers, check out our basic guide on understanding Warzone. For all others, Dot has several guides to help you improve piece by piece.

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Trips, tricks, and guides to get better at Warzone

Choose a good landing spot

Let’s start off with an obvious choice. The first step in progressing deeper into your matches is choosing a quieter spot to land. However, there are several aspects to take into account here. 

For instance, dropping into hotspots is an incredibly efficient way to fast-track your skill progression. While it is dangerous, the most aggressive way can be incredibly beneficial for improving your aim and your skills under pressure (which is half the fun of Warzone). 

Always ensure you have time to reach the circle. Too many times have plays been caught out miles from the circle, and kicked the bucket.

Update your settings 

Simply updating your settings can improve your framerate, making the rest of the game feel oh-so smooth. The higher the frame rate, the easier it is to track your opponents. 

Changing binds can improve your gameplay speed, not in the frame sense, but by making it easier and faster to switch between weapons in dicey areas.

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No longer will players be caught with the wrong weapon thanks to poor gear switching. Fix your aim assist settings, tailor them to your needs, and make sure you’ve got the best settings to prepare you for any situation.

Play Warzone solo

This is a bit of a wildcard Warzone tip, we’ll admit.

By playing solo, we mean jumping into a duo match and not having a teammate at all. This tip is in the same vein as landing in a hotspot. By pushing yourself to tackle two players instead of one, you’ve made the challenge twice as hard. 

If you can take down two people with ease, you’re on your way up to the top. Throwing yourself into the deep end can be extremely beneficial, and can change the way you approach a fight.

Just beware, you will die. A heck of a lot. But that’s okay.

Play as a team

If you are to play in a team, do it. Make sure you’re using your teammates to the best of your abilities. Share loot and make sure you can trust your teammate to watch your back. 

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Coordinate attacks, communicate, and make sure you’re using your ping system to clearly show where enemies are. There are countless ways in order to improve your team play. 

Just play nice.

Practice your aim

This is an obvious tip, however, players don’t do it. So this is a reminder to get back into the campaign, get into Resurgence matches and any other type you can get into, to practice your aim. Practice makes perfect and it can take time. 

Always aim for the head, and you’re on your way.

Practice different types of aim.

If you’re happy to throw away matches sometimes, take a poor weapon into a fight and try to really focus on using it effectively. Players have to know what weapons are good in which situations, and the only way to know is by testing.

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Always use shields

Make sure you’re using your shields to maximize your health. Kills are way easier if the enemy doesn’t have full shields. It can change a two-shot kill into a one-shot. 

Use the Buy Station effectively

The Buy Station is your best friend in Warzone, and if you get the chance to buy a UAV, it is always helpful. Each killstreak is incredibly useful in its own way and can change the course of a fight entirely—make sure you learn them all, and use them!

Watch professionals and streamers

Professionals are pros for a reason, they’ve played the game relentlessly for a long time, and know the ins and outs of the game. Follow their tips, watch their micro adjustments and figure out their play style.

It’s an incredibly effective way of improving, and fast.

There’s our list of important Warzone tips for players to climb the ranks. Surely there’ll be wins a-plenty for all readers after taking these tips into consideration.