Enable rumored to be benched by Seattle Surge

Roster changes might help the team turn the season around.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

The Seattle Surge might be making a slight roster change by benching Ian “Enable” Wyatt and replacing him with one of their substitute players, the veteran said on stream last night.

Seattle have gotten off to a rough start in the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season. The team has some of the best Call of Duty players in history on its roster but they’ve been unable to find their groove yet. The team has only won one series so far against the Los Angeles Guerillas and they were unable to secure a match win during the Launch Weekend in January.

The team’s poor performance has seemingly prompted a roster change that will allow one of Seattle’s substitutes to prove their worth on the main stage.

Enable said he’s been benched but he didn’t confirm his replacement. A response from Doug “Censor” Martin may indicate that Casey “Pandur” Romano will be filling the slot, however.

“He’s handling it EXTREMELY well,” Censor said. “Major props to Ian, I wanna see him bounce back and see what Casey can do.”

Pandur’s Black Ops 4 season was uneventful during his time with the Pittsburgh Knights. Once he moved to the amateur circuit, however, he saw some success. Pandur played for Cyclone and finished third at the CWL Fort Worth 2019 open event last March. He qualified for the biggest tournament of the year, the 2019 CoD World League Championship in August, with Hybrid Gaming but finished with a top-32 placing.

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The other possible replacement for Enable is Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado, who was signed alongside Pandur in November. Proto had a decent Black Ops 4 season while he played for UYU. The team earned a top-12 finish at CWL Fort Worth 2019.

Either substitute player could help Seattle make up for their lackluster performance so far this season. Enable is a strong competitor, but some fresh blood might introduce a better dynamic that could lead to success.

Seattle won’t compete in the next Home Series event in Atlanta from Feb. 22 to 23, so the Surge’s revamped lineup will debut at the Los Angeles tournament from March 7 to 8.