Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans are canceling pre-orders due to exclusivity feature

The day one advantage isn't being well-received.

Image via Activision

Infinity Ward might see a large drop in the pre-order numbers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Several fans are canceling their pre-orders after a PlayStation 4 exclusivity mode was revealed yesterday.

Activision announced in a blog post on Sept. 17 that PS4 players will earn “an exciting day one advantage.” And it turns out that this advantage is a “Survival Mode” within the special-ops feature that will be exclusive to PS4 players for an entire year. It won’t be playable on PC or Xbox until October 2020.

A recent Reddit post has outlined the Call of Duty community’s frustrations with this decision. Most fans seem upset that they’ll essentially be purchasing an unfinished game since all of the features aren’t included and they’ll be paying the same price. Players on Xbox won’t get to immediately experience the same game as fans on PS4. 

The spec-ops mode is the third traditional game mode in the Modern Warfare franchise alongside multiplayer and campaign. It consists of several short missions that players can complete solo or with friends.

Information on the Survival Mode is limited, however. It’ll likely be a round-based game mode consisting of progressively-difficult enemies. Players will most likely need to survive and eliminate all enemies to proceed to the next round. 

Although Activision was riding high with the well-received Modern Warfare beta, some fans could turn against the company after this recent development. Modern Warfare is set to be officially released on Oct. 25 and will be available on all platforms.