Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to feature Special Ops Survival Mode with 1-year PS4 exclusivity


Screengrab via Sony

Most Call of Duty fans lauded Activision for saying it will limit the amount of post-launch content that will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 users in Modern Warfare. But we have some bad news.

While Special Ops will be available to all platforms upon launch in October, the Special Ops Survival Mode will be exclusive to PS4 owners for an entire year. Yes, the first time Xbox One or PC players can play Survival Mode will be in October 2020.

Fans rightly called out the lengthy exclusivity window, one that will basically kill any chance of Xbox or PC users playing the mode. The most recently-released title, Black Ops 4, as well as the next, Modern Warfare, both had October releases, so it’s highly unlikely many players will want to try out a year-old game mode when the next title is presumably close to dropping.

The Special Ops Survival Mode was last seen in Modern Warfare 3. The mode featured waves of A.I.-controlled enemies, which were the targets for players.

Activision had mentioned PS4 players would have a “day one advantage” over other platforms, but this quite literally not just an advantage on the first day. Call of Duty‘s playerbase shrinks as the year progresses, and unless Modern Warfare is an exception, players may not even care enough once Oct. 1, 2020 rolls around.

H/T Charlie INTEL