Call of Duty: Warzone player gets a mid-air melee kill

Don't be afraid to get up close and personal.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have been killing each other while parachuting since the game launched in March. Players are now eliminating each other with melee kills, however, which is an impressive move to pull off in the air. 

A Warzone player was respawning in Plunder earlier today when they noticed another player dropping in near them. The player opened fire and managed to hit the enemy a few times while also taking damage. Both players ended up close to one another, which allowed the fight to become more personal.

The player cut their parachute while directly above the enemy and managed to melee them as they dropped past them. The enemy fell to their death while the player watched from above and continued to float to the ground. 

Mid-air parachute battles are one of the unique mechanics featured in Warzone. Some players consider it an annoying feature since enemies can kill players before they even hit the ground. Other players enjoy the feature, though, and try to get easy kills on unsuspecting enemies. 

Players have also performed other impressive feats in the air, such as reviving their teammates before they hit the ground. Others haven’t fully mastered the parachuting mechanic, however, and often fall to their death

Warzone players looking for a challenge can try to get a melee kill in the air or even take it a step further with multiple melee kills. Just remember to open your parachute before it’s too late.