TimtheTatman goes for speed kill record in Call of Duty: Warzone

"I killed a guy out of the air. I killed him in the air."

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

TimtheTatman might not be the most mechanically gifted streamer when it comes to first-person shooters, but today he made a statement with one of the fastest kills you’ll see anyone get in a round of Call of Duty’s new Warzone battle royale.

While parachuting down toward the map at the start of a match, Tim decided to take a risk by releasing his parachute for a moment with an enemy parachuting in front of him. As he moved into a free fall, he was able to whip out his pistol and began firing at the opponent, who was still parachuting.

After shooting a few rounds, he redeployed his parachute before pulling off the whole trick again, killing the unsuspecting player from behind and free falling hundreds of feet above the ground.

Tim, who is partnered with Call of Duty, is in an expansive list of streamers who have been playing the new game since it released yesterday. His 4.2 hours of airtime on the title averaged 53,641 viewers—totaling 232,444 hours watched, according to Stream Hatchet data.

The figure put him among the top Twitch streamers to play the game, coming second only to DrDisrespect in terms of hours watched. Doc recorded 341,064 hours watched over the course of eight hours.

Overall, there were 77,098 unique channels to play the game yesterday totaling 5.3M hours watched and 157,174 hours of airtime.