Report: Lawyers representing Riot Games employees claim DFEH is interfering with Riot lawsuit

The lawsuit has been ongoing for multiple years.

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Image via Riot Games

Lawyers representing the women who sued Riot Games in 2018 for allegedly perpetuating gender discrimination and harassment are claiming the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is interfering with the lawsuit, according to a report from The Esports Observer’s James Fudge.

Specifically, the attorneys allege the DFEH is trying to remove one of their clients, Gabriela Downie, from the suit, citing “what is effectively a movement for summary judgment against Plaintiff Downie on the issue of standing.”

The lawyers claimed this to be a “blatant attempt by the DFEH to gain absolute power over the course of this litigation by removing the women who have come forward to prosecute this action as Plaintiffs.”

Additionally, the attorneys say the DFEH has “attempted to dissuade women working at Activision/Blizzard from speaking with private counsel” in another lawsuit with allegations of discrimination against women in the workplace.

In November 2018, former female employees of Riot Games filed a class-action lawsuit against the game publisher, alleging women at the company were subjected to unequal pay, harassment, and that they have had “their careers stifled because they are women.”

The two parties agreed to a settlement of $10 million before the DFEH stepped in, alleging the initial settlement figure was too low and recommended it be increased to at least $400 million, according to the LA Times.