Fandom and eFuse partner to increase awareness of collegiate esports

Fandom and eFuse are aiming to bring awareness and increased sponsorships to collegiate gamers

Image via Psyonix

A new partnership between fan platform Fandom and gamer platform eFuse aims to provide resources such as sponsorships for student gamers in order to raise awareness and opportunities for collegiate esports leagues.

With the partnership, Fandom now has the exclusive advertising sales rights for eFuse’s collegiate esports events, including Collegiate CoD League, College Carball Association, collegiate Fornite, in addition to more titles that are planned for the future. The exclusive sponsorship offerings will allow more people to interact with esports content via custom content, media distribution on Fandom’s website, tournament sponsorships, live events, and more.

“Over the past two years, we have heavily invested in grassroots collegiate esports because we believe in the opportunities it creates for students to grow competitively and professionally,” Co-founder & CEO of eFuse Matthew Benson said in a press release.  “We are excited about this partnership with Fandom because it will increase the scope and quality of options for students to compete, earn professional experiences, grow communities and showcase collegiate esports to even more potential fans!”

The first event taking place after the partnership is the Collegiate CoD League playoffs and the LAN Championship that comes after it in May and June. There are also plans for more events such as various Fortnite competitions, and the College Carball Summer Open.

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