Analyzing SKT vs CJ’s Pick n Bans Game 1

Game 1 SKT Winner SKT Blue Side | KT Red Side Kogmaw | Kalista Reksai | Rumble Gragas | Ryze Evelynn | Corki/Braum Maokai/Alistar | Nidalee/Gnar Vayne/Azir | Ezreal The draft was won by SKT due to them getting an insane number of power ...


Players and How They Are Treated

With the news coming out about the Chris Badawi scandal, I want to address the point being made by the Renegades organization stating that players are mistreated.


Halo’s Continued Struggle

When Halo Master Chief Collection was first announced, pandemonium ensued all over the gaming scene. The return of the games that made Xbox and Xbox Live the thing that it is today.

Mid Season HCS Recap

The mid point is upon us in the Halo Championship Series season, so lets reflect and catch up on what has transpired thus far.