Interview with CLG Snakebite

An interview with the one and only Snakebite.

We recently had the chance to sit down with the legendary Halo player Snakebite for an interview. Here are the results.

Q: Snakebite, you are widely regarded as one of the best Halo players in the scene right now, but fans may not know much about you. How did you get into Halo, and what brought you into the Competitive Halo scene?

Snakebite: I got into the Halo competitive scene in 2006. I grew up playing Halo with friends and family. We used to have LANs at my cousin’s house and we all talked about going to an event. Luckily, an event was held in New York and I was able to attend.

Q: What was your first LAN tournament, and how did you place?

S: My first LAN event was 2006 NY playoffs. I was only able to play in the FFA since I didn’t have a team. I ended up getting 7th round in the FFA. I thought this was pretty good considering I was only about 11 years old. I knew after that event that I wanted to continue to compete.

Q: You were a part of the Primal Call of Duty team with Ace, Formal, and Enable back in Call of Duty Ghosts. How was that experience?

S: It was awesome getting to compete with those guys in such a new game for us. We made it really far for such little practice. Unfortunately everyone started to get other offers and we went our separate ways.

Q: Who is your favorite teammate out of all the players you have played with? (COD included)

S: Royal 2 has been my favorite teammate. We have been teaming since 2011. We have had a lot of success teaming together. Our lowest placing is 3rd in 7 events. He’s a great teammate and friend.

Q: What was your favorite Tournament/Event that you have been to?

S: MLG Columbus 2012 was my favorite event so far. My team, Status Quo won the event. That was one of the best teams I have ever been part of. It was also an epic event since because a lot of fans showed up to support Halo.

Q: How did you end up teaming with Ogre 2, Heinz, and Royal 2 for the first HCS season?

S: Royal 2, Ogre 2 and I teamed for a while in COD and we always joked about teaming for the next Halo. Once MCC got announced, we knew it was time to find the perfect 4th. Heinz fit the play style we wanted.

Q: The future of Halo is highly debated amongst the community right now. In your opinion, how do you think 343 is doing, and what do you think they could do to improve?

S: I believe 343 is making steps in the right direction. It is going to be a long process, but I believe with developer support we can become a successful title in Esports. The community has to stay positive and realize we are very early into HCS. After all, it’s only the first season. I think 343 could improve the game by working more with professional Halo players and the Halo community in general.

Q: The Halo 5 Beta has been out for a couple weeks now, what are your early thoughts on the game?

S: I haven’t actually been able to play much Halo 5. I am not against change in Halo such as sprint being added, but if majority of the community wants it out I believe 343 should take this into strong consideration and leave it out or make it an available option.  With Halo Reach, many players did not care for spring, but we were forced to play with it, which I believe led to many leaving the community.

Q: Ok, I’m throwing in an oddball question. Aliens Invade, you can pick one person from the Halo scene to help you survive. Who do you pick and why?

S: I would choose Naded because he is a savage and a part of the lizard squad.

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