Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
Former professional Counter-Strike player. I dabble in CS:GO in my spare time. Content:

The case for league spots belonging to the players

It makes perfect sense for Counter-Strike league spots to belong to the players.
2 days agoCS:GO

The evolution and evaluation of a Counter-Strike coach

lurppis looks at the coaching role's evolution and how coaches are evaluated.
12 days agoCS:GO

The Counter-Strike Arms Race and its implications

lurppis takes a look at the on-going Arms Race in Counter-Strike and its future implications.
20 days agoCS:GO

Key takeaways from DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

lurppis takes a look at the key takeaways to be drawn from the DreamHack Masters event in Las Vegas.
a month agoCS:GO

CS:GO: Silly season winners and losers

lurppis takes a look at the silly season that just finished in Counter-Strike and evaluates the key roster moves.
a month agoCS:GO

Zeus "We [in Na`Vi 2010] gave it all to CS"

I talked to Gambit's in-game leader and former Na`Vi member Zeus about his career, dating back to to beginnings in Ukraine back in 2004.
2 months agoCS:GO

Storylines for DreamHack Open Leipzig

This article takes a look at the storylines to watch out for when following the first sizable CS:GO tournament of 2017, DreamHack Open Leipzig.
3 months agoCS:GO

MSL: "No one has an excuse [at the major]"

GAMURS writer lurppis talks to North's in-game leader MSL about his career, coaching, and more ahead of the upcoming $1,000,000 ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta.
3 months agoCS:GO

gla1ve: “I had to go back, all-in”

Following their rise to the top of the world rankings in December, GAMURS’s lurppis spoke to Astralis’s in-game leader gla1ve at length about his career, Astralis and more.
3 months agoCS:GO

lurppis CS:GO Awards of 2016

lurppis gives out his 2016 CS:GO awards in this article, celebrating the best players and teams of the past calendar year.
3 months agoCS:GO