Deck Guide – Dragon Warrior

Ah, Dragons. Is there anyone playing fantasy-themed games that doesn’t love dragons? Here you'll find a Dragon Warrior deck overview where the basic strategy is discussed, and then some details on each of the cards. Finally, you'll find advice on some sw

Deck Guide – N’Zoth Miracle Rogue (Standard)

Miracle Rogue has certainly lived up to its name, as it is an archetype that has been proclaimed dead time and again, (sometimes due to Blizzard directly nerfing some of its key components, other times from the meta changing dramatically) and yet new incarnations keep popping up. In this case, Whispers of the Old Gods’ […]

Deck Guide – N’Zoth Aggro Rogue (Standard)

When Whispers of the Old Gods was released, N’Zoth Rogue was one of the first few archetypes to emerge. It has waned in popularity somewhat since then, and now you may be wondering why to play outside of a Paladin or Priest list. Even Hunter lists have given the Old God more play lately! While […]

Deck Guide – Pirate Warrior (Standard)

In this Pirate Warrior guide, I’ll give you a deck overview where the basic strategy is discussed, and then I’ll go into detail on each of most of the cards. Finally, I’ll advise on some swaps you can make to cheapen the deck or adapt to a particular meta

Deck Guide: Tempo Mage (Standard)

Tempo Mage is an archetype that’s here to stay - it’s fun and reliable. This version is quite fast and although it can be challenging for beginners, an intermediate player should settle right into it after a couple of evenings.

Darkshire Paladin

As a Magic the Gathering veteran, I immediately drifted toward the Paladin when I started playing Hearthstone, as it was a good fit for my favorite deck archetype of all time, the “White Weenie”. I’ve become a mage fan since then, but still like to keep a good Paladin deck to alternate on the ladder […]

C’Thun Mage

This is fundamentally the old Tempo Mage framework, retooled to make the most out of everyone’s favourite Elder God as an end-game, karate style one-hundred-punch finisher. Making best use of your C’Thun-empowering cards throughout the early and mid-game stages, you not only work to control the board but also prepare to deliver your brutal late-game […]