CBLoL Week 4 preview by Lira

CBLoL WEEK 4 Preview – Duel of the Fates Hello and welcome to another CBLoL Week 4 preview! This week we have some exciting and important games that can determine the flow of the tournament.


CBLoL Week 3 Roundup by Lira

Hello and welcome to Lira’s CBLoL roundup. This week in CBLoL we had some interesting games and results that helped to give us a better view of how the teams are this year in Brazil.


CBLoL Week 3 Preview by Lira

CBLoL Week 3 Preview – Here comes your ban Hello! Welcome to the Lira’s CBLoL preview of this week. In CBLoL’s week 3, the hottest news is about paiN gaming’s Mylon (Top) ban after showing his mid finger on camera.

Who is brTT?

To set up a better background on who is brTT for the Riot’s “Legend’s Rising” documentary, I should start telling you that brTT is the best player that ever played LoL who was born in Brazil.

CBLoL Finals – Match preview

The CBLoL finals, Brazil’s major League of Legends tournament to be held in Allianz Park Arena on August 8 in São Paulo will be the most important match of the year for the brazilian LoL fans.