Who is brTT?

To set up a better background on who is brTT for the Riot’s “Legend’s Rising” documentary, I should start telling you that brTT is the best player that ever played LoL who was born in Brazil.


To set up a better background on who is brTT for the Riot’s “Legend’s Rising” documentary, I should start telling you that brTT is the best player that ever played LoL who was born in Brazil. This kind of statement can generate tons of hate and discussion on the BR LoL fanbase, but if you watch the scene since the beginning, you’ll have a hard time to argue against that.

brTT is two times CBLoL champion, always regarded as one of the bests, if not the best AD in Brazil for a long time, and is an well experienced player with a background on another games. Apart from Manalol in the early days of CBLoL and esA and Matsukaze this year, there’s really no brazilian player that could stand against brTT dominance on the botlane. His consistency throughout the BRLoL history gave him the most successful career out of any player in the region, and his cheerful, powerful and kind personality gave him the biggest and most loyal fan base in the country.

So yeah, let me try to tell you who is brTT.


Brazilian Sniper

brTT’s and Brazil’s competitive LoL grew alongside each other. It’s impossible to talk about the BRLoL history without factoring the huge impact brTT had on the scene. His huge fanbase and popularity probably was born is his early streaming days, when his incredible talent in the AD role, his stream highlights and his catchphrases such as the popular “Rexpeita” caught up the attention of the growing LoL player base that were looking for someone to look up to. Being a former DotA and CS player, brTT had the experience of being in e-sports before anyone else in the scene, and he undoubtedly had some insane skill that no one ever saw, so, before even being “born”, Brazil LoL already had a god.

Defining brTT style throughout his career is hard, not because of some inconsistency, but because it’s hard to define the result of the combination of his strong and passionate personality, his talent and his experience. If there’s any word that could describe him as a player, it would be passion. If would be an element, it would be fire. brTT is like a dedicated sniper patiently waiting for achieving his goal, and when things seems to go downhill, the passionate personality takes place and makes him an unstoppable hunter. His signature champions are Twitch, who has the same taunt (Rexpeita) as the player in portuguese and Draven, whose axes are tattooed in his arms.

In the process of creating this strong player personality, his teammates are undoubtedly one of the most important ingredients. The most important ones are Kami, SirThulio and Mit, former support in 2013, now his coach. His friendship with these players, and the contrast between their personalities were incredibly important for each one of them. They all learnt with each other, and they all learnt how to trust each other, and as the years go by, they all show characteristics of each other in their playstyle.

Left to Right: Mit, brTT, SirThulio and Kami.

The most successful career in Brazil

brTT achieved what no one could achieve. His two CBLoL trophies with paiN in 2013 and 2015 are his most known and important titles, but his 2014 in Keyd was probably the best year of his career. On the four tournaments he played with Keyd before the loss to Kabum in CBLoL, he won all of them, and in a really dominant fashion. Before the really close series against paiN in the Riot’s “Circuito dos Campeões” finals, no one thought there anyone could make Keyd even bleed. If Keyd didn’t have the problems they had in the CBLoL semifinals, they would probably represent Brazil in Worlds.

brTT in 2013 paiN was the star AD Carry. He was clearly above anyone else since beginning of ManaJJ’s slump in that year. After some problems in the beginning of the year, paiN Gaming would make an unstoppable run to recover from a slump after some roster changes to get a seed in the 2013 CBLoL. Being the favorites alongside CNB and Keyd, after Keyd’s ridiculous 0-3 in the group stage, paiN was looking unstoppable. After 3-1 in the finals, paiN wins their first CBLoL title, and brTT was one step closer of realizing the dream of attending into worlds.

In the IWC, after an incredible performance in the group stage, paiN, who were the favorites to win the tournament almost loss against Dark Passage in the semis and loss against GG EU in the finals 0-2. This is was the first time brTT failed to make into the world championship. The second time would be against Kabum last year.

brTT’s 2014 was a challenge, and an interesting example of his personality: even if he was the best, and even if he was playing in the best team, that was not enough. brTT decided to leave paiN after the loss to Millenium, LCS EU last place at the time in IEM São Paulo. After receiving a proposal from Keyd to create a super team that would stand against international teams, brTT left his “house” in paiN to achieve his dreams.

Felipe, a dreamer

Felipe Gonçalves, the man behind the myth brTT has a strong dream that drove him throughout this year: Riot’s World Championship. In various statements, he expressed that his wish is not just attending into worlds, but is to leave a mark, to truly represent Brazil. With a background in CS, Felipe saw miBR, the Brazilian legendary CS 1.6 team going against the greatest teams in the world at the time and winning major tournaments against them. His dream is to go to worlds and make an impact. An impact that would drive the attention of the world to this region, just like Cogu and miBR did in the past.

To achieve this dream, this split, brTT and paiN just gave all they had. It’s well-known the strong relationship he has with his family and with his girlfriend Giuliana “Caju” Capitani. Caju is appointed by him as the mind behind his social Medias, and his most loyal and beloved friend. Throughout his ups and downs, Caju is alongside him to cheer him up. He had to give up his time with his family, friends, girlfriend and everyone that mean the world for him to achieve his goal. He had to choose between his dream and the things that mean a lot to him.

When i wrote the CBLoL Finals preview, i thought a lot about paiN and brTT’s storyline. It would sucked if INTZ had won the finals, even if they are the better team. When I think more carefully, I see that e-sports is made of stories. Stories of people that give everything they have to achieve their goals no matter what. Stories of people that fall, but in the next match they rise against their enemies and against their own ghosts. E-sports is made of people like Felipe, who under the nickname brTT became a legend in his country to thousands and thousands of fans, hard to not include myself on this list. It would be extremely sad to see him fall again in the finals and to see that entire crowd cheering for paiN in vain.

But the story doesn’t end here. Will brTT achieve his goal and go to worlds? Will he make the impact that miBR did in CS? Will he fail again in the last step?

I can only wonder. But it’s a pleasure to follow such great storylines in e-sports such as brTT’s. In my opinion, Riot made the best decision they could when decided to use brTT in the documentary. I’m looking forward to the documentary and to the continuation of his story.

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Hope you guys enjoyed.