CBLoL Week 3 Preview by Lira

CBLoL Week 3 Preview – Here comes your ban Hello! Welcome to the Lira’s CBLoL preview of this week. In CBLoL’s week 3, the hottest news is about paiN gaming’s Mylon (Top) ban after showing his mid finger on camera.

CBLoL Week 3 Preview – Here comes your ban


Hello! Welcome to the Lira’s CBLoL preview of this week. In CBLoL’s week 3, the hottest news is about paiN gaming’s Mylon (Top) ban after showing his mid finger on camera. Mylon took 2 weeks of suspension and will not be in the lineup vs Operation Kino (2nd) and CNB E-sports Club (6th). This ban follows paiN and INTZ’s penalties for irregularities in their lineups that lost them 2 and 4 points respectively. This Saturday we have Bizarro paiN gaming x Skybart’s Operation Kino, G3X x INTZ (probably the best team in the tournament so far) and Sunday we’ll have CNB x RED Canids and Keyd Stars x Kabum, my highlight for this week. Let’s get started:

OPK (2nd) X (Bizarro) paiN gaming (3rd)

brTT(ADC now playing in the toplane) x Theusma(ADC)

   brTT* x Skybart

SirThulio x Zuao

Kami x Goku

TheFoxz x Theusma

Picoca x Professor

After solving the tough task of finding a new support, paiN now has the challenge to play 2 weeks without the main top laner using their ADC in the toplane. brTT does have some skill in the toplane, but this will hardly matter when he’s against one of the best toplaners in the tournament so far: Skybart, the main carry for Operation Kino, the last team to qualify to CBLoL who’s doing surprisingly well after 2 weeks. Both teams will have difficulties to operate: OPK is not the most coordinated team and paiN using a really different lineup may have a lot of issues, but the most interesting challenge definitively lies in the top lane: brTT, the greatest player that BR LoL ever had against the rising star in the top lane. At the end of his career, I  doubt brTT is capable of holding Skybart’s wrath and preventing a strong snowball of OPK around the map, but paiN still has some hope in their coach MiT and his playbook.

With that said, my preview is OPK 2 x 0 paiN. Skybart and Goku are in a really great form and I wouldn’t bet in this Bizarro paiN lineup. paiN’s hopes lies in Kami + SirThulio synergy and in Mit’s playbook, but it might not be enough. Both teams tend to have really long games, so I’m hoping for really long games with some interesting late game teamfighting.



G3X(4th) x INTZ (5th)

Zantins x Yang

Snowlz x Revolta

Taeyeon x tockers

Skyer x MicaO

Alocs x Jockster

G3X and INTZ are quite unstable this far. The first one is looking to impress the fans and the other must impress everyone. INTZ are the clear favorites here, they must keep improving in the regular season to look sharp in the playoffs against paiN and Keyd who are looking quite OK this far even with their changed rosters. Both teams operate in a quite similar way in the gold distribution department, so the game must be decided by the excellence of the decision making and the player’s skill. Easy game to predict: INTZ 2×0 G3X. G3X still has some chance if they abuse the slow pace of INTZ nowadays in the midgame, but INTZ is the strongest team here.




CNB (5th) x RED Canids (4th)

Aoshi x Ayel

Nappon x Caos

YoDa x Brucer

pbO x SacyR

Wos x Eryon


Things are looking really bad for CNB. After 2 losses, CNB is the worst team in CBLoL and doesn’t show any sign of a possible recovery. In the other side, after the penalties for INTZ and paiN, the dream to reach playoffs for RED is stronger than ever. They only have one point so far from their draw with Kabum in week 01, but now they have the chance to achieve victory against the weakest team in CBLoL so far. CNB is a total mess right now, and even their coach Djoko doesn’t seem to be on point as he was last year. If CNB doesn’t pick up their stuff soon, the auto-relegation spot has already a name on it. My prediction is Red 1×1 CNB. I believe RED is the strongest team and Ayel, despite the losses is looking really good so far, but I believe CNB will be able to bouce back and take a game after 2 terrible weeks.


Keyd (1st)  x Kabum (4th) – Highlight match of the week


esA vs Matsukaze will certainly be a highlight this week

Robo x LEP

Turtle x Minerva

takeshi x tinhows

esA x Matsukaze

Baiano x Ziriguidum

On paper, this game has some fantastic individual talent in the mid and the botlane: esA and Matsukaze are fantastic soloQ players with fantastic KDAs and high winrates and Tinhows and Takeshi are known for their skill to hard carry games with their signature champions. The tough task to the mid laners is to play in a lower econ to let their Ads shine in a really strong ADC meta. In the top lane, LEP and Robo will probably fight a splitpushing war against each other when their teams are fighting themselves around the map. This game has some high chances of becoming a bloodbath where the ADCs will shine, and this can make a really fun game to watch.

My prediction is Keyd Stars 2×0 Kabum. Keyd is looking really strong, and esA seems unstopable in the botlane, but his duel agaisnt Matsukaze and Ziriguidum will certanly be enternaining.


Well, that’s it for this week. Keep following golper10 for more CBLoL news. I’ll be posting previews and reviews every week, so follow @Golper10 and @L_ira for weekly CBLoL news. Hope you guys enjoy.


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