Xing Li
League of Legends Analyst
Competitive League analyst for Dot Esports, fan of missed skill shots and botched TP plays, lover of creative jungle paths, easily tilted by throws at the Baron pit.

NBA 2K League inks sponsorship deal with State Farm

It’s the first non-endemic sponsorship for the nascent league.
16 hours ago - Business

Can KINGZONE find their mojo against Flash Wolves tomorrow?

It's anyone's guess who the favorite is in the second semifinal at MSI.
3 days ago - LoL

Curse of the Drowned teased as the next Bilgewater event for League of Legends

League of Legends will be returning to the pirate island for an upcoming event.
4 days ago - LoL

5 things we learned from the group stage at MSI

MSI is usually pretty crazy, and this year is no different.
5 days ago - LoL

Camille Champion Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, and More

Camille is the best AD bruiser in the game right now.
6 days ago - LoL

How worried should we be about KINGZONE?

KINGZONE have not been as dominant as expected at MSI.
7 days ago - LoL

Which LCS team will survive and advance at MSI?

Fnatic and Liquid are in a battle for the last semifinals spot.
7 days ago - LoL

KINGZONE beat Liquid to take over second place at MSI

The Korean champions shut down Liquid and ruined any hopes that the NA team had left.
9 days ago - LoL

Team Liquid bench Olleh at MSI

After just two losses, TL are in full-on panic mode.
10 days ago - LoL

KINGZONE snowball past RNG to stay perfect at MSI

The overwhelming favorites flexed their muscles on the first day.
11 days ago - LoL