Xing Li
League of Legends Analyst
Competitive League analyst for Dot Esports, fan of missed skill shots and botched TP plays, lover of creative jungle paths, easily tilted by throws at the Baron pit.

Unraveling the mystery of Cloud9's League of Legends team

Three benched starters. A lack of competitiveness all around. What happened to C9?
8 hours ago - LoL

Is this the end of the SK Telecom T1 dynasty?

How the growth and democratization of League's player base have left SKT behind.
8 hours ago - LoL

What role should luck play in professional League of Legends?

Recent changes to the game have made it more unpredictable at all levels.
17 hours ago - LoL

Red Bull and Super League Gaming launch All-Stars event for amateur gamers

The best teams from the League of Legends City Champs tournament will meet in one big showdown.
21 hours ago - LoL

Need proof old Aatrox is broken? Look at the second game between SKT and MVP

Aatrox is so busted that he can win games despite never having a lead.
2 days ago - LoL

Riot to hotfix ADC items

Some key items are getting tweaked but crit marksman stats will stay the same for now.
4 days ago - LoL

What's going on with 100 Thieves?

The second-place team from the NA LCS Spring Split is struggling so far in summer.
4 days ago - LoL

Mike Yeung has been benched—what's next for TSM?

Ever since Worlds, TSM have been a funk and they can't get out of it.
7 days ago - LoL

NA LCS pre-split power rankings

Which NA LCS team will thrive in the bruiser ADC meta?
8 days ago - LoL

EU LCS pre-split power rankings

Can Fnatic keep its perch atop the EU LCS this summer?
8 days ago - LoL