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Armored Core 6: All secret and hidden parts in AC6

AC6 is packed with secret parts and weapons. Here's how to find them all.

Like all FromSoftware games, Armored Core 6 is packed with secrets in hard-to-reach places. Some of the best parts in AC6, including weapons, are hidden, and they could give you the edge you need in combat.

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If you want to know where to find all the secret parts in AC6, look no further than this guide.

Which missions have secrets in AC6?

There are no secrets discovered so far in chapters one or five of AC6. Only chapters two, three, and four have secrets. You should also bear in mind that you’ll need to complete the mission after collecting any secret parts, otherwise, they won’t be added to your parts list, so be sure to bring a capable build with you.

Here are all the missions in AC6 with secret parts to collect:

Chapter Two

  • Infiltrate Grid 086

Chapter Three

  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Tunnel Sabotage
  • Eliminate “Honest” Brute

Chapter Four

  • Underground Exploration – Depth 1
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3
  • Unknown Territory Survey
  • Reach the Coral Convergence

Chapter Five (in NG++ specific mission)

  • Regain Control of the Xylem

Yes, you read that correctly. To get the hidden parts from the Chapter Five mission, you’ll have to get to Chapter Five in New Game++. That’s the only way to access the “Regain Control of the Xylem” mission.

Where to find all hidden chests in AC6

You’ll find all of AC6’s secret parts in chests fairly well hidden inside the above missions. They usually require you to kill additional enemies, some of which are quite challenging in the later missions, so make sure you have enough health and ammo to survive the fight and finish the mission afterward.

We’re working on gathering more video footage showing exactly how to get these secret parts, so stay tuned.

WRECKER Head, Core, Arms, and Legs

The WRECKER Head, Core, and Arms are all in chests inside this building. Video by Dot Esports

You’ll find the WRECKER Head, Core, Arms, and Legs in separate chests scattered around the first mission of Chapter Two, Infiltrate Grid 086. You’ll find three inside the refinery building and one shortly after you leave it.

The HC-3000: WRECKER Head is in a chest behind you after you drop down through a hole in the ceiling, shortly after entering the indoor area. Turn around when you land, and you’ll find the chest at the end of the corridor.


Each part of the WRECKER will offer you a nice, solid amount of Armor Points (AP) to beef up your AC’s health. They’re also on the more energy (EN) efficient side of things when it comes to bulkier pieces. Of course, being bulkier, the WRECKER parts also give you a lot of extra weight that will slow down your AC’s top speed and lower the EN output of your generator.

To get the CC-3000: WRECKER Core, when you enter the room with a large furnace at the top, jump over the furnace and drop down the other side. You’ll be in a large open room, and the chest containing the Core is behind you, against the wall.

After grabbing the Core, fly back up to the furnace, but this time turn left and enter the pipe. It can be tricky to land inside the pipe, especially if you’re using an agile AC with a lot of jump height, but you’ll manage it eventually. Head through the pipe, and you’ll find yourself at the top of a vertical cylinder—drop down, and you’ll find the AC-3000: WRECKER Arms at the end of a long room. Beware, though, because an enemy mech will ambush you, but it won’t put up much of a fight.

You’ll need to leave the refinery to find the WRECKER Legs, but they aren’t far. Video by Dot Esports

Head back up the vertical shaft and through the pipe until you reach the furnace again. Then, go left and through the door to leave the refinery. You’ll be in a large, open area with lots of platforms. Fly up and to the right: The 2C-3000: WRECKER Legs are at the end of the tracks on a long, curved platform toward the right-hand side of the upper area. The chest is guarded by two weak mechs that you’ll dispatch easily.

You need to finish the level to keep the parts, which means beating the Smart Cleaner boss, so bring a capable build and refer to our in-depth guide if you’re having trouble.

IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle

The NEBULA Plasma Rifle is close to the start of the mission, and trust us—it’s a blast. Video by Dot Esports

The IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle is hidden on an alternate route in the Tunnel Sabotage mission in Chapter Three. After entering the tunnel at the beginning of the mission, head to the first objective marker, which sends you to the roof of a gray building.

Your next objective marker will be roughly 2,500 meters away, down inside the cave. Instead of heading down towards the next marker, fly up and to the left, over the piston bridges, until you find an open room with some enemies and a sniper at the back. Take care of the enemies, and you’ll find the chest containing the NEBULA Plasma Rifle on a raised ledge at the top of the platform.

This is one of the few Plasma weapons in the game, and while it’s not the best, it is useful to have an option for plasma weaponry in your arsenal in case you need to inflict some heavy impact damage or melt some shields.

IA-C01G: AORTA Generator

The AORTA Generator is hidden in plain sight. Video by Dot Esports

You’ll find the IA-C01G: AORTA Generator on the Chapter Three mission Survey the Uninhabited Floating City. Follow the mission marker to your first objective and shut down the first ECM fog control device.

Head further into the city, following the curved railway, until you see three buildings in the distance—one large building between two thinner buildings. Fly to the roof of the middle building and you’ll find the chest containing the AORTA Generator at the end.

When you get the AORTA Generator, you might be disappointed to see that its stats aren’t actually that great apart from being light weight. However, this generator will make your AC’s boost contrails a nice, coral-soaked red. Useful for playing the game? No. Good for creating the specific Gundam cosplay of your dreams? Yes.

There’s a similarly crimson generator with better stats that you can get, but for that you’ll have to reach Rank 9 in the Loghunt Program by collecting Battle Logs.

WB-0010: DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw

The DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw is a must-have for its massive stagger damage. Video by Dot Esports

The WB-0010: DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw is inside a chest at the very start of the Eliminate “Honest” Brute mission in Chapter Three. Fly down from your starting platform towards the objective marker.

Head past the objective marker and keep flying further down until you reach a platform covered in laser sensors. The chest containing the DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw is out in the open in the middle of the platform.

This is a great choice of weaponry if you enjoy getting up close and personal with some melee damage. It has the unique feature of allowing you to charge it up and keep that charge held until you decide to release it upon an unlucky foe. You can even move around while keeping it charged.

BC-0600: 12345 Booster

The 12345 Booster isn’t far from the chainsaw. Video by Dot Esports

After grabbing the DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw in the Chapter Three mission Eliminate “Honest” Brute, continue on and fly down towards the direction of the objective marker. You’ll come across a platform that looks like a giant turntable, with multiple intersecting roads.

At the turntable, make a right and fly through the tunnel. Head down towards the end of the long metal platform until you get to what looks like a crane. On top of the crane is the chest containing the BC-0600: 12345 Booster part.

This booster won’t give the highest Thrust stats, but it’s a great all-rounder choice that’s fantastic for your EN load and ultra light.

WB-0000: BAD COOK Flamethrower

The BAD COOK Flamethrower directly damages enemies’ health without applying stagger. Video by Dot Esports

Further on in Eliminate “Honest” Brute, you’ll encounter an area with some enemies protected by an electric dome-shaped barrier. Ignore the enemies and fly straight over the barrier, hugging the wall to the right until you reach a small opening.

Head through the passage and you’ll drop down into another room with laser sensors. The chest containing the BAD COOK Flamethrower is on the floor, on the right-hand side of the room, guarded by a few lesser enemies.

This is one weapon that you won’t like being on the opposite end of. Thankfully, it’s plenty powerful when you’re using it as well. It has a lot of ammo, takes a long time to overheat, and can do plenty of damage. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t do much impact damage, and it won’t stagger or interrupt enemies.

EPHEMERA Head, Core, Arms, and Legs

The IA-C01L: EPHEMERA Legs are easy to get. In Chapter Four, at the start of the Underground Exploration – Depth 1 mission, you’ll activate an elevator and descend into a vertical shaft. Drop down until the shaft closes and you aren’t able to descend any further.

There will be an opening on one of the walls at the bottom of the shaft with a platform and a small room. At the back of the room is a chest containing the EPHEMERA Legs.

The IA-C01A: EPHEMERA Arms are in Underground Exploration – Depth 2. After defeating G5 Iguazu, proceed forward and you’ll be attacked on a bridge by a mech with blue lasers. Ignore it and immediately turn to the right, then jump off the bridge, following the cliff face down past the rock platforms until you find one platform at the bottom with an entrance to a circular tunnel.

Enter the tunnel and follow it to the end. There’ll be a jump pad on a raised platform—use it to gain some altitude, and you’ll see the chest containing the EPHEMERA Arms on a platform at the back. You can also get the GILLS Booster in this level, so make sure to grab it before completing the mission.

The IA-C01C: EPHEMERA Core is in Underground Exploration – Depth 3. After descending into the large open cave at the start of the level, you’ll immediately see a circular structure in the middle of the cave. The whole area is heavily defended by laser snipers, so watch out. On the far side of the central ring is a bridge connecting the ring to the cave wall.


The EPHEMERA is one of the lighter sets in the game, but it doesn’t sacrifice any AP in the process. Much like other lightweight pieces, they don’t offer much Attitude Stability, but they are incredibly energy efficient. If you’re only looking for the highest stats, the EPHEMERA Head is one of the best in the entire game with plenty of AP, Attitude, Stability, and System Recovery.

Fly past the central ring and to the other side of the cave, and at the end of the bridge (where it meets the cave wall) is a chest containing the EPHEMERA Core. You can also find the OCELLUS FCS in this area, so make sure to grab it as well before you finish the mission.

The IA-C01H: EPHEMERA Head is in the mission Unknown Territory Survey. Descend into the hole and follow the path down. The EPHEMERA Head is in a chest at the bottom of a series of drops. It’s along the main mission pathway, so it’s hard to miss this one.


You’ll find the IA-C01F: OCELLUS FCS in the Underground Exploration – Depth 3 mission in a chest on the outer catwalk in the large open cave area. After descending into the cave at the start of the level, immediately head to the right and continue along the catwalk.

The platform you’re on will end—fly over the gap until you reach another catwalk at the same altitude. A chest containing the OCELLUS FCS is hidden behind nine barrel-shaped generators at the edge of this platform.

This is the FCS of choice for those that love close-range combat. But only if you really love fighting as up close and personal as possible. The OCELLUS FCS is completely maxed out in terms of close-range effectiveness, and incredibly lacking when it comes to both medium and long-range combat.

IA-C01B: GILLS Booster

On the Underground Exploration – Depth 2 mission, after you’re attacked by the mech with blue lasers on the bridge, jump off the bridge and fly down and to the right. You’ll see another bridge and a tunnel lit with yellow light—head through here, and a door to continue the mission will be straight ahead. Instead, turn right, and you’ll enter a wide, open room. There’s a chest containing the GILLS Booster at the back.

This booster is a strong choice for those who want to give their AC some pure Thrust capability, but it’s just a bit on the heavier side. It makes up for this, however, by having some respectable Upward Thrust and QB Thrust power as well.

IA-CO1W3: AURORA Light Wave Cannon

Video by Dot Esports

At the start of the Reach the Coral Convergence mission in Chapter Four, instead of heading towards the mission waypoint, head right and follow the level boundary until you see a broken highway and a chunk of land near the cliff edge with a ruined building. On the roof of the building you’ll find a chest containing the AURORA Light Wave Cannon.

This particular back unit offers both laser and pulse technology, so it’s great for peeling shields and it does some nice impact damage. It even recharges for another use pretty quickly. However, it does take a long, long time to lock onto enemies.

IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT Light Wave Blade

an AC slashing a foe with the moonlight sword, engulfing it in a brilliant and devastating explosion of light
The Moonlight Sword packs a punch. Screenshot by Dot Esports

We’ve published a full guide on how to get the Moonlight Sword in AC6 that describes the route to find it in more detail. In a nutshell: From the start of the Reach the Coral Convergence mission, fly left and over the highway until you reach the broken bridge. Fly over to the bridge, defeat the wheel enemy that ambushes you, and then head all the way down the bridge until you reach the end.

Jump off the broken end of the bridge into the waterlogged ruins below and you’ll see the chest containing the IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT Light Wave Blade just in front of you, sitting on a small island in the water. Beware that you’ll be ambushed by more wheel enemies, so be prepared for a tough fight.

The damage on the MOONLIGHT Light Wave Blade isn’t sensational when compared to other melee weapons, but it is a melee weapon that works at long range. It also uses its laser and pulse technology to be effective at destroying enemy shields.

IB-C03W3: NGI 006 Coral Missile Launcher

Screenshot of the location of the IB-C03W3: NGI 006 Coral Missile Launcher chest in Armored Core 6.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

This is one of the easiest chests to grab, and one of the easiest chests to miss. The second you start the “Regain Control of the Xylem” mission in Chapter Five of your NG++ run, you’ll want to head immediately to your left. You’ll drop down a small ledge, and voila! The chest containing the IB-C03W3: NGI 006 Coral Missile Launcher will be yours.

While its name may make you think that it acts like other missile launchers, this one’s a bit different. Does it launch a missile that locks onto and pursues enemies? Yes. However, these coral-infused missiles are slow. They’re not ideal for fast-moving foes, but if you’re fighting something large, then it can be a big help. Especially because a fully charged missile that manages to hit its mark deals loads of stun damage.

IB-C03W4: NGI 028 Coral Shield

Screenshot of the location of the IB-C03W4:  NGI 028 Coral Shield chest in Armored Core 6.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

This chest can be a bit tricky to find, as this whole level is a twisted, vertical maze of steel. When you’ve only got two Parasite Modules left to destroy, you’ll know that you’re near the chest. It’s nestled in a little alcove as you head toward a larger, more empty room. Take caution, however, as some electrifying pests will try to drop down onto you when you’re near the chest.


If you’re worried about finding the chest while the time limit is ticking away, you can destroy all of the Parasite Modules to get rid of that pesky time limit. Then you’ll be free to explore and nab that chest.

Inside you’ll find the IB-C03W4: NGI 028 Coral Shield. This is a fairly unique shield, as it actually surrounds you with a full 360-degree bubble. All of the other shields you can find only cover your front in various ways. So that full coverage is great! The only downside, is that stronger shots or sustained fire can penetrate the bubble a bit quicker than they could a normal shield. Still, this is a great shield for taking on hordes of foes with bullets and explosives coming at you from all angles.

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