The best Mad Maggie skins in Apex Legends

"Ain't nothin' but mutton dressed up as lamb."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie joined Apex Legends in season 12 to crack some eggs.

In Apex‘s lore, the Rebel Warlord is a rather incendiary character; she likes to stir the pot and let everyone know who’s on top. And luckily for any Maggie mains looking to roleplay as their favorite character, there’s a number of ways to turn heads in the Apex Games. Like most multiplayer titles, Apex allows players to show off their flare with skins for each legend.

As one of Apex’s newest characters, Mad Maggie doesn’t have a ton of skins in her arsenal just yet. But she released with two sets of Legendary skins and a launch bundle, and she’s received a couple of new looks with collection events since her addition to the battle royale.

Here are the best skins for Mad Maggie in Apex.

Blood and Plunder

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If you’re looking to match with your squad, Blood and Plunder is the Maggie skin for you.

This skin reimagines the Rebel Warlord as a captain of the seas. She wears a green vest and trousers with gold accents, and her eyes glow a menacing shade of red. Like the other matching skins in the set, Maggie’s skin in this look has taken on a sickly blue tint—almost as if she’s been drowned or turned into a monster from the ocean’s depths. A red bandana and anchor face tattoo tie the fearsome look together.

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Maggie’s Blood and Plunder skin is part of a matching pirate-themed trio of skins shared with Fuse and Bloodhound. While Fuse’s Dread Captain skin remains available to this day, Maggie and Bloodhound’s matching skins could be unlocked only during Apex’s 2022 Anniversary event.

Mob Boss

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mob Boss is one of Maggie’s original release skins, and both it and its color variant, Above the Law, are perfect representations of the character’s take-no-prisoners personality.

In this skin, Maggie’s dark hair is slicked back and she sports a pair of aviators. Her dark green trousers and yellow animal-print jacket are neutral enough to avoid standing out too much against Apex’s terrain, but they’re just earthy enough to make a statement. The leather straps across her chest and legs are accented with shiny gold metal, and her belt buckle proudly boasts the letter “M” as a nice finishing touch.

Players can unlock this skin in the legend customization tab for 1,200 Crafting Metals.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Nothing screams “warlord” more than a big hat and military garb.

As one of Mad Maggie’s release skins, Steamed reimagines the Rebel Warlord as a high-ranking officer from a steampunk universe. This skin is much more muted compared to its maroon counterpart, Mad Metal, but both are great options for Maggie fans who don’t particularly enjoy Mob Boss or Above the Law but are still looking for a cheaper Legendary skin for the character.

While this skin has its flashy moments, its strengths lie in its simplicity. Steamed features shiny metal accents that contrast Maggie’s basic beige jumpsuit, but it’s not conspicuous enough to the point of catching enemies’ eyes in a battle royale match. With this steampunk-inspired look, Maggie ironically sports a metallic arm—perhaps payback for blowing off Fuse’s arm in her younger years.

Steamed has remained available in the legend customization tab for 1,200 Crafting Metals since the character’s release in February 2022.

Māori Warrior

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Launch bundle skins allow fans to get a better idea of who legends are outside of the Apex Games. Mad Maggie’s roots lie with the Māori, the indigenous Polynesian people from New Zealand, and to celebrate her heritage, Respawn Entertainment designed Maggie’s launch bundle around the Māori culture.

Māori Warrior boasts emerald green accents atop a red and black outfit. Half of Maggie’s face is painted red with a tribal print on her chin. In place of her usually dark hair, she sports a white, slicked back hairstyle with shaved sides. To tie the look together, she wears emerald tusk-shaped jewelry, and her eyes glow a similar shade of green.

Players could unlock Māori Warrior shortly after Mad Maggie’s release with season 12. This skin hit Apex’s store in a launch bundle for 3,000 Apex Coins that came with the character, a Legendary Peacekeeper skin, and an Epic Maggie spray reading “Kia Ora”—a greeting in the Māori language. The bundle is no longer available, but Māori Warrior may return to the store again in the future. Respawn has brought back launch bundle skins before; in the 2021 end-of-year sale, the Apex developer re-added Horizon’s Neon Stardust and Fuse’s Real Steel launch bundle skins to the store for a limited time.

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Chaotic Coral

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Chaotic Coral may not be a Legendary skin like some of the other entries on this list, but it’s one of Mad Maggie’s more rare skins.

As part of Respawn’s partnership with Twitch, the Apex developer releases a new skin every month for players with an Amazon Prime account. These skins vary in rarity and are available only for a month before being vaulted.

Maggie received her own Prime Gaming skin in March. As part of a bundle, it came with a matching L-Star skin and banner frame. Each of the items in the bundle share a pink gradient and animal-print theme. As an Epic skin, Chaotic Coral doesn’t change the legend’s model but adds a new pattern to most elements of the character’s base outfit.

Lava Queen

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Looking to add a bit of flare to your gameplay?

Although it’s not a Legendary skin, Mad Maggie’s Lava Queen outfit really turns up the heat. With this look, Maggie’s hair has adopted a neon orange and bright red color, almost as if it’s made of lava. She has molten-like scales running down her chest and arm, and her armor shares a similar purple scale pattern. The golden, yet subtle details of this skin pop against the purples, blues, and reds, making it an elegant, but flamboyant look for the Rebel Warlord.

Lava Queen hit live servers with season 13. It was one of the cosmetics that players could automatically unlock after purchasing the season’s battle pass.