Apex player shows off useful Fuse interaction with dropships

Take advantage of this trick to increase the size of Fuse's ultimate.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player found a way to increase the size of Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate by bouncing it off the side of a dropship.

Reddit user Aason37 showed off two instances of the ultimate-dropship interaction in a video. In the first segment, they run up to a dropship on Storm Point and aim Fuse’s Motherlode so the landing point looks like it should be the dropship. Once the rocket reaches the ship, it breaks apart as usual and falls all the way back down to the map, creating a massive ring of fire that encompasses an area that’s much larger than usual.

In the second segment of the clip, Aason37 finds another dropship on Storm Point and pulls off the same trick. This time, the ring of fire created by the Motherlode catches enemies in the middle and highlights them within a large zone, effectively giving their team enhanced vision on the level of a recon hero—at least temporarily. Wisely, Aason37 and their teammate decide not to engage the many enemies hiding within the ring.

This isn’t the first time this kind of interaction has been reported with Fuse’s ultimate. A few months ago, another player demonstrated how to increase the size of the ring of fire by hitting the Motherlode off of a grenade. Though this technique does increase its size, there are holes in the flame where enemies can escape. The dropship interaction Aason37 discovered seems to be much more comprehensive and helpful when pinpointing enemy locations.

It’s not clear whether this is an intended interaction, a feature, or a bug. If it’s the latter, we’ll likely be hearing about its removal soon.