Apex fans can now unlock pink Mad Maggie, L-Star skins in new Prime Gaming bundle

The offer lasts until April 21.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new bundle is now available for Apex Legends fans through Prime Gaming, including new skins for Mad Maggie and the L-Star, as well as a matching banner frame for the Rebel Warlord.

As an Epic skin, Mad Maggie’s Chaotic Coral skin doesn’t change the legend’s model at all, but it adds unique patterns to the character’s look, as well as a new color scheme to almost all of the design’s elements. The skin features Maggie with pink and blue accents, pink zebra-striped pants, and a leopard print jacket. She sports ombre pink hair and the tattoos on her neck and arm resemble bones.

The bundle also comes with a matching Rare skin for the L-Star LMG—Fuchsia Flushed, which resembles the pink zebra-stripe pattern in Maggie’s Chaotic Coral skin—as well as a Rare banner frame named Punk Punch for the Rebel Warlord.

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This offer is available to all players on any platform, but it does require an Amazon Prime account. The bundle will remain available until April 21, giving fans just over a month to unlock the cosmetic items. It will then be removed from the Prime Gaming homepage and replaced with another offer.

To claim the skin, players simply need to link their Twitch and Amazon accounts by visiting the Prime Gaming homepage and following the instructions.