Valkyrie player collides with falling Replicator during Skyward Dive in Apex Legends

It's raining Replicators.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Valkyrie may say the skies belong to her, but Replicators would beg to differ. 

One Apex Legends fan discovered what happens when you collide head-first with a falling Replicator while flying in the air with Valkyrie’s ultimate. 

Reddit user casualoverwatchpro posted a clip of them playing Apex as Valkyrie yesterday. They launch into the air using Valkyrie’s ultimate, Skyward Dive, with their teammates in tow and fly toward Rift. As they’re diving toward one of the point-of-interest’s many houses, they cross a Replicator’s drop path, likely expecting the crafting terminal to fall after the team has landed. But as they cross paths with the Replicator’s drop path, the terminal hits them on the head and knocks them out of the air.

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Luckily for casualoverwatchpro and their team, they don’t take any damage as they’re hit by the Replicator. And of course, there’s no fall damage in Apex, so they fall directly beneath the crafting terminal unharmed. As soon as they land, casualoverwatchpro makes sure to avoid getting hit by the Replicator again as it drops to the ground. 

While casualoverwatchpro and their team escaped the Replicator’s wrath unscathed, this play emphasizes an important lesson any Apex player can learn from: Make sure to look up every once in a while.