Apex player lands back-to-back Kraber hip-fire shots to win match against full squad

That's how you win in style.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Nothing feels better in Apex Legends than knocking an enemy with a Kraber. But landing back-to-back shots with the sniper from the hip to win a game? Now that’s something else.

One Reddit user posted a clip to the Apex subreddit today, showing off their skills as Wraith with the Kraber in a narrow one-vs-three fight.

The match was down to the final two squads, but both of the Wraith’s teammates were dead. The Wraith had enough time to pop a couple of shield cells before running out to face the final squad, downing the first opponent—a Crypto who was still in drone mode—with ease. The Crypto’s teammates, a Horizon and an Octane, rushed out from around the corner. Wraith greeted them with a full mag from an R-301, cracking the Horizon’s shield and receiving quite a bit of damage in exchange.

With only a sliver of health left and an empty R-301 mag, the Wraith ducked behind the corner for a quick breather. Instead of reloading their R-301, however, they did something a bold player would do: They swapped to their Kraber, which only had two shots left. But two bullets were all our protagonist needed.

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As soon as the Wraith swapped weapons, they fired off a shot from the hip, downing the armor-less Horizon. The enemy Octane jumped forward in an attempt to finish off the Wraith with a punch. Octane’s close proximity only aided Wraith in landing the final Kraber hip-shot, though, and Wraith and their teammates were soon greeted with a champion screen.