The best Loba skins in Apex Legends

"I'm always dressed to kill."

If there’s one character in Apex Legends to whom appearance matters most, it’s Loba.

The high fashion thief and chief flirt of the Apex games, Loba has a habit of being the best-dressed legend on the battlefield. Her skins live up to those expectations, as well, giving her some of the flashiest looks in the game. Not to worry, however. If standing out in a massive way isn’t your thing, there are also elegant options for Loba that dial back the glamor just a touch. 

Here are the best skins for Loba in Apex.

Haute Hoplite

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Only Loba could make a full suit of ancient armor look this good.

Taking cues from the Greeks and Romans, Haute Hoplite is a brass-and-green armor set that is far more form-fitting than any armor set ever has been. The skin does an excellent job of meshing the concept of an ancient armor set with Loba’s more modern aesthetic, keeping the thigh high boots and turning the traditional leather-strap belt into more of an aesthetic detail on her hips.

The skin also gives plenty of attention to Loba’s backstory and name, giving her wolf details on her hips, knee, and belt, while another wolf forms the pauldron on her left shoulder, and one final wolf appears in the center of her officer’s helmet. It’s all a strong, commanding look, which would probably suit Loba just fine.

Released during the Chaos Theory collection event, this skin has returned to the store in the past, so players will have to be vigilant for the next time it may appear there if they want to unlock it.

Purple Reign

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Sometimes, the originals are the best. One of Loba’s base legendary skins when she launched, Purple Reign remains one of her greatest ever skins.

The skin maintains Loba’s beauty and flair for fashion, but also adds a scary element to the mix with her glowing purple eyes, makeup, and the cybernetics adorning her body. The woman is appealing and dangerous, and Purple Reign absolutely smashes the combination of the two out of the park. In a nod to Loba’s expensive tastes, the bottoms of her heeled boots in this skin are red, very similar to the trademark of real-world fashion designer Christian Louboutin.

Both Purple Reign and it’s red counterpart, Off the Record, are bold looks. Those players looking to stand out the most in this skin might want to keep on the lookout for Purple Reign’s recolor: Tigress, with its tiger stripe patterns and two-toned hair style.

Players can unlock Purple Reign in the legends tab with 1,200 Crafting Metals.

Arms Dealer

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A skin that will may end up being one of Loba’s rarest, Arms Dealer was a skin included in the final Legend Edition introduced to Apex

This is undoubtedly Loba’s most utilitarian look in-game, dressed in all black and wearing various armor pieces. Belts of bullets, gun holsters, knives, and what appears to be some sort of targeting reticle she wears over one eye bring home the combat-readiness of the outfit, while a black beret gives her the touch of fashion she needs. Well, that, and the fact that she somehow makes a bulletproof vest work as a corset. Because it is Loba.

With Apex moving away from Legend Editions, this skin is no longer available for purchase at any time. Respawn has placed previous Legend Edition skins in the store rotation, however, so players wanting to unlock the skin will need to wait until the next time it comes around.

Victorian Vixen

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Zombie Loba, for when you want to spice things up.

The triumph of this skin is that it’s basically Loba’s default skin, with slightly more muted colors. The detailing, however, makes this epic rarity skin feel almost like a legendary. Her gray, cracked skin. The intricate filigree detailing along her legs, sleeves, and the ruffles on her hips. The clever re-texturing of her customary boots to turn them into stockings and strapped heels. No one thing about the skin stands out as altogether different from a standard Loba skin, but the entire effect put together is great.

Victorian Vixen might be a rare one for players to find, as it initially was a reward for completing one of the prize trackers during the Monsters Within thematic event. While most of the skins from that event are still available to unlock at any time with Crafting Metals or Apex Coins, this skin isn’t. As such, players will have to wait and see if it makes a return in a store rotation.

Petty Theft

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Want a more casual Loba? Petty Theft is the skin you need.

Designed with Loba’s backstory as a high-end thief in mind, Petty Theft is decidedly function over form. Featuring a hood, long gloves, and plenty of pouches to place stolen goods, this is clearly a good outfit to wear while infiltrating a high-security compound, looking to snatch some goods. Of course, this is Loba, so the skin isn’t completely devoid of style. Cut-outs along the shoulders and golden necklaces give Loba a tasteful bit of flair, and the dark blue look with red accents is all very well-coordinated. 

Petty Theft was a skin offering in the Genesis collection event during season nine, and as such isn’t available to unlock at any time. It has appeared in the store rotation a few times, however, and players can hope to grab the skin the next time it appears there.