Seer’s ‘a bit too strong’ and will receive balance updates in upcoming Apex patch, potential Prowler nerfs on the horizon

Respawn devs discussed the new season in a Reddit AMA.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although Seer’s Apex Legends debut was only a few days ago, the tracker is already due for some nerfs.

Respawn devs are holding an AMA on Reddit right now to discuss Apex‘s 10th season, Emergence. And it seems like a couple of overachievers are on Respawn’s radar, including the new tracker Seer and the powerful Prowler SMG.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

“Seer has launched strong, which was the hope,” gameplay software engineer Travis Nordin wrote. “He’s also brought a lot of new gameplay elements to the game (HP bars, interrupt) which has driven a lot of discussion with players, which is great to see. With that being said is probably a bit too strong at the moment and will receiving some balance updates in an upcoming patch.”

The Ambush Artist introduced a few new features to the battle royale, such as being able to view an opponent’s health bar and the ability to interrupt enemies from healing, reviving, or using an ability. Pair that with the ability to locate enemies through walls and pick up their heartbeats from far away and Seer has already made quite the impression. It’s unclear how Respawn plans to balance the tracker, but limiting his ability to gather information or increasing his ability cooldowns might be a good start.

The Prowler made its way to Apex‘s floor loot with the Spitfire and Alternator being moved to the care package. And the SMG has quickly become a must-pick, able to accurately burst enemies from mid-range and while hip firing. While Respawn didn’t exactly confirm a change, game designer John “Jello” Ellerton said the devs are “watching it and will be looking into a potential nerf coming soon.”

Apex: Emergence kicked off on Aug. 3, introducing Seer, the Rampage LMG, ranked Arenas, and a fresh battle pass.