Spitfire and Alternator move to care package, Prowler returns to floor loot in Apex Legends’ season 10

The new season starts Aug. 3.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 10 is making several changes to care package weapons and hop-ups when it drops on Aug. 3. The Prowler will return to floor loot, while the Spitfire and the Alternator will move to the care package—with a little boost.

In addition to the changes, the developers will add the new Boosted Tempo hop-up and remove both the Anvil Receiver and the Quickdraw Holster from play for the time being.

Care package weapons

The Prowler will return to floor loot with a catch. Since the Selectfire hop-up is unavailable, players will only get to use the submachine gun in burst-fire and not full-auto. The Spitfire and Alternator, on the other hand, will need to adjust to their role in the care package.

The Spitfire LMG will revert to its pre-nerf state, while the Alternator will boast the Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which makes the weapon increasingly lethal against shields. The hop-up won’t spawn normally, however, and is only tied to the weapon.

These changes mean that players won’t be able to directly purchase the Spitfire or the Alternator in Arenas. Instead, they’ll have to loot them from care packages that spawn throughout matches.

Hop-up changes

Season 10 is bringing the Boosted Loader, a new hop-up for the Hemlok and Wingman that increases reload speed and can load in extra rounds for those weapons if players reload at the right time. To bring in the new attachment, however, Respawn is also removing certain hop-ups from the rotation.

The Anvil Receiver will once again sit out of the rotation. The attachment launched during season three, but Respawn brought it back with the addition of the 30-30 Repeater in season eight as an alternative to give more power to the Flatline and R-301 in certain situations.

Respawn will also take out the Quickdraw Holster, which improved ADS speed and draw time for the Wingman and RE-45. The weapons will gain a slight boost to the base versions of the two stats.