Respawn putting in-game comics ‘on hold’ for Apex’s season 10

But there is still "plenty of lore" in Emergence.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ tenth season, Emergence, will not have an in-game comic, lead writer Amanda Doiron confirmed today. There will still be “plenty of lore” heading into the next season, however.

“As we head into our Emergence season tomorrow, just a heads up that we are putting our in-game comics on hold—at least for a little while,” Doiron tweeted. Apex has implemented a new quest each season since the trend started in season five, and some of the most essential moments for the lore of Apex Legends took place in the comics, including the rescue of simulacrum-turned-arena-host Ash.

Although the wording may mean that Respawn could return to a text-based format like in The Broken Ghost, the more likely option is that there won’t be a quest in Emergence. “We want to explore other ways of telling story in our BR without getting locked into the same methods each season, whether we have a story to tell in that format or not,” Doiron said.

Respawn has experimented deeply with in-game teasers. In season five, for instance, Respawn hid a series of messages from Crypto’s foster sister Mila inside the bunkers in Kings Canyon. Caustic discovering a “new toxin” ahead of his story arc in season eight also took place outside of the season quest or a comic, and, more recently, legends encountered Seer’s drone as a teaser for the new character.

Respawn also boasts a wide portfolio of lore cinematics and teasers outside of the game, including a pivotal moment in Revenant and Loba’s storyline and the established Stories from the Outlands series. Fight Night, for instance, set the stage for Pathfinder’s search for his creator and, later, Pathfinder’s Quest, Apex‘s first lore book. Though the season quest helped put Pathfinder on the right track, the events that followed Family Portrait took place mostly outside of the game.

There is still “plenty of lore” in Emergence, according to Doiron, but fans will have to wait until the new season drops to see what Respawn has in stock for Apex.