Loba throws Revenant’s source code into a phase runner in latest Apex lore drop

“You took away everything I cared about. Now I'm taking away everything you care about.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have been wondering what Loba would do with Revenant’s source code since the game’s fifth season. Respawn finally gave them an answer today.

An official video on Twitter shows that Loba got rid of Revenant’s source code and essentially locked the simulacrum into his painful existence—her own form of revenge against Revenant. The short is another advancement to the story arc that has been going on since Loba’s induction into the Apex Games in season five.

Loba tells Revenant that she found his source code in the location that Hammond Robotics gave her during the season five quest. Instead of destroying it like the simulacrum wanted, however, she set it down on a phase runner portal. “Press of a button and your source code is halfway to Gridiron,” she tells him.

Revenant, of course, doesn’t take it well. The two start fighting, but Loba comes out on top. “You’re not dying today. You’re not dying, ever,” she tells him. “You have a long, miserable life ahead of you, and for once, killing won’t get you what you want.”

This isn’t the end of the story, however. The simulacrum swears his revenge on Loba. “I will kill you, but not today,” he says. “When you finally have something you love with all your heart, I’ll annihilate it.”

The video is an important advancement to the storyline between the simulacrum and the thief, which first started with Loba’s introduction in season five. The new lore piece drafted the help of voice actors Fryda Wolff and Darin DePaul to play their characters, and Respawn commissioned community artist “Fragment” to develop two backgrounds for the audio track.


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