Hidden Apex Legends lore shows a message from Crypto’s foster sister, Mila

The bunker at Bridges holds more than just loot.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ mysterious hacker just got more lore.

Crypto can use his drone to reveal a hidden message from his foster sister, Mila, who the community believed was dead until the Lost Treasures event trailer showed her reaching out to Crypto.

The message is hidden in the loot bunker near Bridges, according to data miner Shrugtal. Players must guide Crypto’s drone through the vent systems to find a hidden chamber and decrypt Mila’s transmission. She identifies herself using her nickname, “Mi,” and the in-game subtitles reveal that it’s indeed Mila who’s speaking.

“They, whoever they are, they came to my place,” Mila said. “I got away. But they caught up with me. I thought they were going to kill me. I thought they killed you.”

After decoding the message, the monitor screen shows that it’s loading one message out of three, which may mean that the rest of the loot bunkers also house similar transmissions. It’s not the end of Crypto’s lore, though, and Respawn may have bigger plans for him in the future.

Mila Alexander is Crypto’s foster sister and a significant part of his origin story. They were orphans who chose computer engineering as a career path to escape from the dark prospects and landed a job designing drones for the Syndicate. They stumbled into a Syndicate bet-rigging scheme and Mila went missing—and was presumed dead. The Syndicate got to her and framed Crypto, forcing him to give up his old identity of Tae Joon Park.

Crypto decided to seek justice for Mila. He hacked his way into the Apex Games as part of his plan to take down the Syndicate. Caustic mentioned Crypto’s resentment with the organization in the seventh chapter of The Broken Ghost, Apex‘s season quest.

Mila’s false demise opens up plenty of storytelling opportunities involving Crypto, which could include several hidden messages scattered across Kings Canyon before the Lost Treasures event kicked off.