Apex Legends’ latest Crypto teaser mentions a “Syndicate Rat”

The Syndicate could be on the hacker's trail.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ mysterious hacker has a new unread message. The hacked banner in Kings Canyon showed another mysterious memo related to Crypto, the third in a line of teasers scattered over the past week.

Like the other two teasers, the third hint is a binary code that translates to a warning. Combining all clues yields a full message: “If you can see me, I can see you. Watch your back, Syndicate rat.” It could mean that the Syndicate picked up Crypto’s trail after he gave up his old identity.

Respawn has more in store for Apex‘s hacker. Crypto is getting a Map Room, his own POI in Kings Canyon, as part of the upcoming Town Takeover. The new area should debut on Tuesday, when the Lost Treasures event reaches the servers.

The Lost Treasures event trailer also came with a surprise development. Crypto’s foster sister, Mila Alexander, was presumed dead, but the end of the trailer shows Mila getting in touch with Crypto through his drone. Getting justice for Mila’s murder was the main reason why the hacker joined the Apex Games.

Before becoming Crypto, Tae Joon Park was an orphan on the streets of Suotamo. He met Mila, his foster sister, and the two chose computer engineering as a means to earn a living. Both managed to find a job designing drones for the Syndicate, but the two stumbled into a dark company secret that put the Syndicate in their tracks.

The organization murdered Mila and framed Tae Joon for the crime, forcing him to relinquish his old identity and to adopt the moniker of Crypto. He joined the Apex Games to get justice and revenge, but based on the latest teasers by Respawn, the Syndicate may have picked up his scent.