Who is Mila in Apex Legends?

Crypto's foster sister comes back from the dead.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex LegendsLost Treasures event could shed some light on Crypto’s mysterious background. After a series of teasers, Respawn revealed Crypto’s Map Room, an upcoming addition to Kings Canyon. But that’s not the end of it.

The final seconds of the trailer contain a message to Crypto. A woman’s voice speaks to the hacker through his signature drone with a warning. “T, it’s me,” she said. “Be careful. He’s watching you.”

The mysterious voice could belong to Mila, Crypto’s foster sister. But his backstory and his reason to join the Apex Games was to enact revenge on the Syndicate, who allegedly killed Mila. The Town Takeover promises to deliver more lore on Apex‘s mysterious hacker—even if it has to raise the dead to do so.

Who is Mila?

Before Crypto, there was Tae Joon Park, an orphan from the streets of Suotamo. Tae Joon had a foster sister, Mila Alexander, and the pair took to computer engineering to escape a life of poverty. Their brilliance gave them a spot working for the Syndicate, the organization that holds the Apex Games, designing drones to broadcast the Outlands’ most beloved bloodsport.

Crypto’s episode of Stories from the Outlands sheds some light on his past and relationship with Mila. Tae Joon and Mila stumbled upon one of the Syndicate’s most important secrets: a prediction algorithm that would allow the Syndicate to rig bets in the Apex Games. Mila wanted to use it, but Tae Joon disagreed.

“These people will find us and kill us,” he says. “We will find our fresh start. This just isn’t it.”

The following morning, Crypto discovered that Mila had been murdered and the Syndicate is hunting him for the crime. A police siren blared in the background and Syndicate bounty hunters knocked on his door, just in time for him to make a close getaway. He used his drone to keep track of the enemies and escapes.

The Syndicate killed Mila and blamed it on Tae Joon Park. The orphan relinquished his old identity and adopted the persona of Crypto, a mysterious hacker with a vendetta against the Syndicate. He hacked his way into the Apex Games.

Is Mila Alive?

Mila’s death is the main driver behind Crypto’s vendetta, but the Lost Treasure event trailer signaled that Tae Joon’s foster sister could still be alive and watching over his back. The voice is most likely Mila’s, and the ominous heads-up that she gave him means that the Syndicate is figuring out his new identity.

The “he’s watching you” line could refer to several characters both known and unknown—even the missing Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk is a possible suspect. But regardless of who is hunting Crypto down, the main takeaway from the trailer is that Mila Alexander may not be dead after all.