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Who is Mila in Apex Legends?

Crypto's foster sister comes back from the dead.

Though some characters in Apex Legends aren’t actually legends, fans have still taken a liking to some of the non-playable characters in the game. Whether it’s detective Victor Maldera from Fight Night or Caustic and Crypto’s mother (who finally appeared in season nine), you don’t have to be in the Apex Games to enrapture Apex fans.

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One of Apex‘s biggest non-player characters appeared even before Maldera or Katerina Ticacek Nox, however. Crypto’s foster sister, Mila Alexander, came to the spotlight alongside the hacker’s release in season three, but largely took a backseat in the lore until season 14 and the Overtime comic series brought her to light again.

Mila featured heavily in Crypto’s story. Though the narrative pointed towards her being dead, her reappearance in season six threw that idea down the drain and raised a plot point that remained largely untouched—until now. Here’s what you need to know about Mila Alexander, Crypto’s foster sister.

Who is Mila in Apex Legends?

Season three: Forever Family (Stories from the Outlands)

Before Crypto, there was Tae Joon Park, an orphan from the streets of Suotamo who lived at the Ticacek Orphanage. Tae Joon had a foster sister, Mila Alexander, and the pair took to computer engineering to escape a life of poverty. Their brilliance gave them a spot working for the Syndicate, the organization that holds the Apex Games, designing drones to broadcast the Outlands’ most beloved bloodsport.

Crypto’s episode of Stories from the Outlands sheds some light on his past and relationship with Mila. Tae Joon and Mila stumbled upon one of the Syndicate’s most important secrets: a prediction algorithm that would allow the Syndicate to rig bets in the Apex Games. Mila wanted to use it, but Tae Joon disagreed.

“These people will find us and kill us,” he says. “We will find our fresh start. This just isn’t it.”

The following morning, Crypto heard on the news that Mila had been murdered and he was a suspect, meaning the Syndicate made Mila disappear and blamed Tae Joon Park for it. A police siren blared in the background and Syndicate bounty hunters knocked on his door, just in time for him to make a close getaway.

The hacker believed the Syndicate killed Mila and blamed it on Tae Joon Park. He relinquished his old identity and adopted the persona of Hyeon “Crypto” Kim, a front for him to continue his plan to clear his name. Crypto hacked into the Apex Games (using the Repulsor crash in season two as a diversion) to infiltrate the Syndicate and destroy the organization from within, while also shaking off suspicion about him being Tae Joon Park.

Season six: Messages to Crypto

After Crypto’s launch, Mila made brief appearances in season six. The final seconds of the Lost Treasures trailer contain a message from Mila to Crypto. “T, it’s me,” she says through Crypto’s drone. “Be careful. He’s watching you.” She also appeared in a series of messages throughout the season, explaining what happened to her and warning Crypto that someone was watching him.

Mila recounts the Syndicate came after her, and though she eluded the organization at first, the Syndicate eventually caught up with her. The Syndicate threw Mila in a room and inquired about the algorithm and about Tae Joon Park’s whereabouts. She used her cunning to escape, overriding the doors that imprisoned her, and warned Crypto that someone was watching him “from the inside.”

Overtime and season 14

The lore barely touched on Mila since season six, but Mila resurfaced in the Overtime comic series and in the season 14 quest. In Overtime, Mila appears in a comms link to Quentin Willis (also known as Q.W.), a Syndicate official and the man behind the prediction algorithm Mila and Crypto found. He wanted to use the algorithm and his power in the Syndicate to fix the Apex Games. One of Willis’ employees stole the comms link to Mila and wanted to use it to buy Crypto’s protection from Q.W., but his plan failed. The comms link was heavily damaged in the aftermath of Overtime, but that plot point reappeared in the season 14 quest.

Wattson and Crypto worked for months to repair the comms unit, and they finally succeed in the second chapter of the Friends Like These quest. Wattson fixes it while Crypto is away, and though her first instinct is to invite the hacker, Mila asks Wattson not to.

“Look, I miss that dumb nerd, but he CANNOT know about this,” she tells Wattson. “In fact, this comms unit you just fixed? He can’t know it was fixed either.”

Mila explained she is working with the Syndicate to discover who framed them, and if Crypto found out about it, he would “flip out and ruin everything”—or, even worse, he could lose his trust in Mila.

“Natalie, if Tae comes after me, that target he scrubbed off his back goes right back on,” Mila said. “You’d be protecting him.”

Mila seems to have a similar method to Crypto—working inside the Syndicate to clear her name—though she isn’t a part of the Apex Games. That said, some fans have been expecting her to enter the competition, and her name frequently flows around in speculation about who the next legend could be. With the focus she received this time, however, Mila is bound to play a bigger role in the narrative in the future.

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