Respawn is fixing Wraith’s Q exploit in the next Apex Legends update

This annoying issue is going away soon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn’s latest check-in addressed several key topics in the Apex Legends community, but players missed comments on gameplay bugs and exploits.

One of them specifically asked developers on Reddit about a fix for a recently discovered glitch with Wraith’s tactical ability, Into the Void. This exploit allows players to use the ability without a cooldown, which means they get its invulnerability effect as many times as they want during fights, escapes, or any other situation.

This will soon be impossible, though. A Respawn developer said on Reddit that a fix is coming soon, which could mean that it’ll be implemented as early as the next Apex update.

Players who abuse this exploit are getting an unfair competitive advantage and can be punished if they’re reported and Respawn finds them guilty of doing so intentionally. But preventing players from abusing this error would be better than punishing them after they’ve already ruined other people’s matches.

Respawn has yet to announce when the update is coming. It usually releases patches in the middle of the week, from Tuesday to Thursday, so players can expect this fix to Wraith to come soon.

The company has more bugs and errors to solve until the next update is out. A new error code called “wheel” is showing up for many players when they’re trying to join a match, and it prevents them from queuing up and properly matchmaking. This is likely another priority fix that will make Respawn release a new Apex patch as soon as possible.

Although Respawn has yet to comment on other changes coming with the next Apex update, the community has been discussing changes to how ranked works. The current points system encourages camping, which some players dislike and think should change.

Respawn hasn’t revealed the date of the next Apex patch.